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Expert on Iran and the Middle East

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Specialist Subjects

  • Israel, Iran and the Middle East – An Unconventional Perspective
  • Inside the Mind of Iran’s Leader
  • Behind the Veil - A Virtual Tour of Iran


  • English


David Nissan was born and raised in Iran, and for the last 40 years he has been living and working in Israel. He is an expert on Iran and the Middle East.

He has a B.A. in Middle-Eastern Studies and an M.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For 16 years, he served as officer and commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, and another 7 years as a consultant for the Ministry of Defense.

David Nissan also worked for 4 years for Terrogence, Israel’s leading company for the collection and analysis of security/terror-related intelligence from the internet. He lectures in English and Hebrew and has given talks to leading companies and financial institutions in the private sector, universities, and government ministries including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Nissan makes full use of his unique combination of academic studies specializing in international relations and Middle-Eastern history, as well as his 23 years of valuable experience as an officer, commander and consultant in Israel’s military/security establishment, in order to present his audience with a realistic, sometimes unorthodox assessment of the breathtaking drama being played out in the Middle East today. He has often surprised his audience by his ability to clearly and objectively present the worldview and core motivations of Israel’s main adversaries, before offering his perspective regarding possible solutions.

David Nissan is regularly interviewed on radio and television and travels extensively giving keynotes on Iran and the Middle East.

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