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President of the Republic of Turkey
Former Prime Minister of Finland
Malaysia's Leader-in-Waiting
Arnold Schwarzenegger was California's 38th Governor between 2003 and 2011, and has had a successful career as a businessman and actor
Former Union Minister to the Government of India, Author, Economist, Journalist, National Security
Granddaughter of King Abdulaziz, founder of the Saudi state and youngest daughter of his son King Saud
15th President of the Republic of the Philippines
Former French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in Sarkozy Govt. Authority on the Middle East, Geopolitics and Globalisation
President of Poland 2010-15
Co-author Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance
UK Prime Minister's Director of Politics and Communications
International economist and Author Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working
German politician, active also in France
Associate Editor, The Times
Inspirational Statesman
President & CEO, WWF Canada & 63rd Mayor of Toronto
Former Prime Minister of France (2005-2007)
Recent UK Minister for Technology
Former Japanese Vice Minister of Finance
Prime Minister of Italy (2013-14)
Mayor of Bogota and leading sustainability and mobility in cities advocate
As President of South Africa led the peaceful handover of power to Nelson Mandela
First ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State
Political Poet and Writer
French politician, founder of Korelya Capital and former magistrate at the French Court of Auditors
Former Prime Minister of France
President of France 2012-17
Former Swedish Prime Minister
German lawyer and politician, a former Member of the European Parliament, a former member of the Bundestag, and a former chairman of CDU/CSU parliamentary group
Chancellor of Germany 1998-2005
Former Belgian Prime Minister
Prime Minister of Korea 2008-09
Veteran CEO, Investor, and Authority on Emerging Markets, Governance, Risk Mitigation and Innovation
Former three term Prime Minister of New Zealand and Administrator of the UN Development Programme
Former First President of the European Council and Former Prime Minister of Belgium
Former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 2010 -2016
Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank, former policy advisor to Nelson Mandela
CEO PEMANDU and rated one of Top 10 Most Influential Policy Makers In the World by Bloomberg
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia
Former British Permanent Representative to the EU
Former Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary under Prime Minister Tony Blair
Sunday Times columnist, Keynote Speaker, and President Clinton's Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
A legendary figure in global finance, James Wolfensohn’s understanding of the global economy, specifically emerging markets, is unparalleled
Chairman of the Group of Thirty. Chairman of Board of Directors of Bruegel University. Former President of The European Central Bank
Renowned Development Economist, Director of Earth Institute Columbia University
Founder of China’s debt capital market
Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and creator of BRIC acronym
Former Prime Minister of Ireland, EU ambassador to the US
Former President of Ghana from 2001 to 2009
Director of Economics Research, Gulf Research Centre
Former President of Bolivia
Foreign Minister of Germany (1998-2005)
Mayor of London (2000-08); speaker on London in the global economy
Mayor of Berlin (2001-2014)
World-leading Expert on International Economics and the Japanese Economy
Former Group President of Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) 2007-16
Former Chief of Staff and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and best-selling author of 'House of Cards'
Former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Member of the European Parliament and former French Minister
Mayor of Oklahoma City
Founder of Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Long serving UKIP Leader and Brexit Campaigner
French Government Minister 2009-12
German politician
Indian Finance Minister (2004-2014)
Leading geo-strategic expert and best-selling author
Chairman, Global Counsel
British Ambassador to the United States
Former Chief Advisor to President Bush for Economic Policy and Financial Markets
Malaysia's longest serving Minister of International Trade and Industry
Middle East’s No 1 Commentator
Special Assistant to President Barack Obama
Campaign strategist for Barack Obama
Britain's First Muslim Government Minister
Developed social networking platforms for Obama and Sanders’ Presidential Campaigns
An author, politician, and former international civil servant
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Germany 2017-18
Founder the Good Country and Independent Policy Advisor
Former Head of the UK Diplomatic Service and Permanent Secretary at the UK Foreign Office
Founder and Executive Director of 'We the Change' Foundation
former Secretary-General of UNCTAD (2005-2013), former Director-General of the World Trade Organization (2002-2005) and former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
President of Indonesia 2004-14
Recent Minister of Finance for Germany
Recent President of Estonia
Second President of the Czech Republic
President of Mexico 2000-06
Member of the European Parliament, Vice President of the European Commission 2010-2014
Former leader of the Conservative Party
Professor of Economics, Columbia University
Former Minister of Finance in Greece
Prime Minister of Japan 2009-2010
Prime Minister of Belgium (2008-11)
Editor-in-Chief of The Economist