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Founder and CEO of Vestpod, the author of Amazon bestseller 'You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich' and host of The Wallet podcast

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Specialist Subjects

  • Gender equality in finance / money
  • Financial health is central to overall well being
  • Today’s trends impacting our personal finances
  • Five money tips to build long term wealth
  • Investing myths debunked
  • What's driving the cost of living crisis? And what can you do about it?
  • Female entrepreneurs / founders
  • Angel investing
  • Educating kids about money
  • Finance for freelancers



  • English


Emilie Bellet is one of the UK’s leading personal finance and investing experts and a global champion for female financial empowerment. As the founder and CEO of the award-winning digital platform Vestpod, she is on a mission to help people around the world to improve their financial lives. Having spent the first part of her career working in private equity, she has spent the best part of the last decade working directly with women to help them navigate their financial issues, challenges, and options.

Breaking the taboo around money, she has a friendly, down-to-earth approach that cuts through the jargon to make the conversation more inclusive and inspiring. She delivers relatable, concise information to help people understand their finances through courses, regular events and content, her bestseller book You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich, and podcast The Wallet.

Emilie Bellet also talks to industry audiences about women and money, investing, financial wellbeing, current trends’ impact on personal finances, cost of living and bridging the pension and investing gap. At the heart of her message is the idea that there are many structural issues impacting women and money, but that resources like Vestpod help people to make the most of their finances and become financially secure and independent. She co-authored The WealthTech Book, has been included in the Women In FinTech Powerlist 2018 of Rising Stars and is a columnist for i Paper.

Emilie Bellet has also been featured in the Financial Times, Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, Vogue, Glamour, Refinery29, and Monocle. She has also played hockey for the French national team for over ten years.

Popular Talks by Emilie Bellet

Gender equality in finance / money

On average, women’s pensions are £100,000 less than men’s due to gender pay gap and childcare commitments. We also have a £15 billion gender investment gap in the UK. I strongly believe that we can change these stats. I want to help women to strive to be more financially independent, to live their lives on their terms, while feeling secure and confident about their present and future.
In this talk, I will talk about the gender pay and wealth gaps, non linear careers, difference in financial goals for men/women, why women make great investors but also stereotypes and discrimination when it comes to money, how to make the money conversation more inclusive.

Financial health is central to overall well being

Almost 8 in 10 UK employees take their money worries to work, affecting their performance (Money & Pensions Service). Research by Neyber estimates that money worries cost the UK economy £120bn and 17.5 million lost hours of work. Most employers now recognise a link between financial wellbeing and productivity, with nine out of ten saying that financial concerns impact upon staff performance.
Employers have a key role to play. Financial empowerment is important to help employees feel secure and manage their money effectively and improve their financial wellbeing. This includes understanding products and services available to them in the workforce.

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