Gene Kranz – Keynote Speaker

Iconic NASA Flight Control Director with Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Specialist Subjects

  • A Legendary NASA Icon Discusses Apollo Missions, Courage and the Can-Do Spirit
  • Go or No Go: The Untold Story of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  • Apollo 13: A Successful Failure -- Joint Presentation



  • English


Gene Kranz shares lessons from one of mankind’s most challenging endeavors, revealing how grit, teamwork and thoughtful leadership ensure victory in any circumstance.

An iconic NASA flight director, Gene is best known for his leadership in bringing Apollo 13 safely back to Earth and guiding Apollo 11 into history with the first moon landing. He was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his heroism, leadership and steely resolve.

The author of the best-seller, Failure Is Not An Option, Gene Kranz was portrayed by Ed Harris in Ron Howard’s blockbuster film Apollo 13 and has been inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Gene Kranz discusses the courage and determination that inspired the team responsible for the space program’s success, drawing lessons that organizations can use to create an environment for excellence. He leaves audiences empowered with key takeaways on instilling a can-do mindset and preserving the pioneering spirit of America for future generations.

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