Transportation Keynote Speakers

With increasing urban populations the demands for improved frequency and reliability of transport has never been higher, while the pace of modern life drives expectations for reduced travel times. This is especially the case in developing countries where new transport infrastructure is in need to keep up with expanding economies and an upwardly mobile workforce. New technology is still leading the way with pressure for greener and less carbon dependent transport solutions, as consumers become steadily more climate aware. With the speed of development in digital technology, the move to a future of app-only interfaces and driverless cars is closer than ever before.

CEO Solar Impulse and Co-pilot of Bertrand Piccard
Holder of the World Land Speed Record, ‘The Fastest Man on Earth’
Renowned Asian Innovator
Chairman Solar Impulse Foundation
Co-founder of Zoomcar, the first Western-style car rental company in India
President & CEO, WWF Canada & 63rd Mayor of Toronto
Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Tesla Motors
Futurologist and lecturer within business intelligence and trends
Recent CEO SNCB-NMBS; Chairman Brussels Airport
Grand Prix Motor Racing Executive
Senior Vice President Virgin Hyperloop One
The Car Design Thinker
Transportation entrepreneur and leader in new technology
Founder of Air Asia
Clean Energy and Transportation Expert
Expert on regional and local government and public service reform
Swiss pilot and aviation enthusiast, known as the inventor of an individual jet pack