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Farmer-breeder, speaker and author Hervé Pillaud actively advocates for agriculture. According to Hervé, agriculture must start making a revolution to break with the past and this involves digital.

Far from the Manichean vision that many have regarding agriculture, Hervé Pillaud is convinced that simple answers to a complex problem exist.

Through his actions, Hervé wants to awaken consciences to build tomorrow’s responsible agriculture, facing challenges caused by a changing society. He is member of the National Council of Digital (CNNum), President of Etablières group, initiator of the Research Center and Development of the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Agriculture, AgriDev Coordinator for the FDSEA Vendée group, President of the Agri Startup Summit, President and Designer of the Tech Elevage fair and honorary member of La Ferme Digitale. He was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 2019.

Hervé Pillaud has written two essays, “Agronuméricus” and “Agroeconomicus”, both of which were published by La France Agricole.

Passionate and self-educated, Hervé has been a farmer-breeder in Vendée for 40 years.

He quickly became interested in precision agriculture after testing various applications within his own farm in order to optimise production, whilst limiting the energy consumption as much as possible.

Hervé immediately saw the potential of digital technology as a key development driver for the agricultural sector. Therefore, he actively encourages the use of new technologies in agriculture. Examples of these include IoT, IA, Big Data, biotechs and blockchain.

In addition to “Agronuméricus” and “Agroeconomicus”, Hervé Pillaud has written many books and essays in collaboration, including “The future is tomorrow! 27 proposals for 2035” published by CERA in 2016.

Hervé also contributed to “Sustainable agriculture: responsible food and innovations” published by Presse Universitaire de Provence Aix Marseille editions (2018) and “Farmers in the movement of numeration of the world”, Educagri editions (2019).

Gilles Babinet, the “Digital Champion” representing France at the European Commission, prefaced “Agronuméricus”. “Agroeconomicus” was prefaced by Axelle Lemaire, former Secretary of State in charge of Digital.

Hervé Pillaud chairs the Agri Startup Summit, the first event bringing innovation at the heart of the agricultural industry, gathering start-ups from around the world.

Living between west of France, Paris and Africa, he co-founded DigitalAfrica, an organisation that aims to develop the digital ecosystem in Africa.

He regularly writes new articles for his blog and participates in many conferences (Maddyness, TEDX, Business France …). His favourite subjects are integration of digital within agriculture industry, innovation, sustainable development and the future of food.

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