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Financial expert, entrepreneur, Media Commentator and Founder and MD of Boring Money

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  • Investments
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance


  • English


Holly Mackay is a financial expert, entrepreneur, Media Commentator and Founder and MD of Boring Money where they grill the boffins, run the numbers and help people without PhDs in finance make better choices. Holly is a business expert, passionate about explaining investing in accessible ways, talking about financial literacy and moving the world of finance into the 21st Century. With the younger generation taking more interest in their financial future and investments, particularly in the world of sustainability, Holly is incredibly relatable tackling dense topics with wit and in language people can actually understand.

With a growing Media profile, Holly recently joined Vernon Kay on Aviva’s new podcast Parenting Past the Pandemic and has spoken at the FT Weekend Festival, FTAdviser ESG Masterclass, Informa Global Finance and the AI Conference. Holly has also contributed to the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday.

Holly says it best – “I really believe that investments can help many people put their money to better use and create some decent returns. But the old guard make it so confusing and so boring that most people are sticking their heads in the sand. I want to make finance more accessible. I want to name and shame the dodgy. And I want to help give people the confidence to trust their money to the good guys who are doing it well. If we all just leave it in our current accounts, there’s only one winner… and that is not you and it’s not me!”

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