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Award-winning Executive in Finance and Business Transformation, Strategic Architect, CFO, Board Director, Entrepreneur, Professor, and Speaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • Unleashing Business Transformation: Beyond Technology
  • Fortifying Organizations: Building Enterprise Resilience through Risk Management
  • Organizational Excellence: The Power of learning, reflecting, and redirecting
  • Frontline Leadership: Igniting Organizational Performance
  • Future-Ready Finance: Advancing Inclusive Hiring through Skills-Based Recruitment
  • Business Planning: Charting the Course to Business Success
  • Revolutionizing Financial Planning: Harnessing AI and Gen-AI
  • Board Governance: Leveraging AI and Gen-AI - Benefits and Challenges
  • Motivational
  • Black History Month
  • International Women’s Day


Idalin McKenzie is an accomplished finance and transformation executive renowned for her strategic insight, innovation prowess, and risk management and governance skills. She boasts over two decades of leadership experience across diverse sectors, from professional services to energy, crown corporations to utilities, retail to real estate, and beyond. Idalin has left an indelible mark on organizations in the public, private and social sectors.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Idalin’s journey encompasses founding, transforming, and exiting several businesses. Currently, she is the managing director and principal at KLAM Consulting, a boutique firm focused on finance, strategy, and transformation that offers specialized expertise. In her role, Idalin acts as a CFO, trusted advisor, and strategic partner for a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from growing startups to established industry leaders. She is dedicated to steering these companies toward sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Throughout her career, Idalin has garnered a reputation for her unparalleled ability to discern individual and organizational potentials and pain points, crafting and implementing strategies that drive business success. She also imparts her knowledge as a professor at the esteemed Pilon School of Business—Sheridan College, where she educates postgraduate students on subjects spanning accounting, finance, technology, and audit.
Leveraging her diverse expertise, Idalin serves as a board director to further the missions within the social services sector. Idalin also takes great pride in empowering the next generation of professionals as a mentor with CPA Ontario and a women’s ambassador for the Executive MBA program at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Idalin’s academic credentials underscore her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. She holds an Executive MBA from the University of Toronto, a Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) Designation, a Master of Science in Computer-Based Management Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Accounting. Furthermore, she has earned an array of professional certifications in Corporate Board Governance (CDI.D), Audit (CISA), Risk Management (CRMA, CRISC), Business Analysis (BAP), and IT (ITIL).

Recognized for her exceptional leadership and influence, Idalin was honoured as one of Canada’s WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2023 under the theme “Like a Legend.” Additionally, in 2022, Poet & Quants distinguished her as one of the World’s Top 100 “best and brightest” executive MBAs following her nomination by the Rotman School of Management. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to empowering individuals and organizations, Idalin inspires and shapes the landscape of business, finance, and leadership.

Popular Talks by Idalin McKenzie

Unleashing Business Transformation: Beyond Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, terms like digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation have become synonymous with transformation. We often hear about digital disruption, digital transformation initiatives, and the onset of the digital age. Technology undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, streamlining operations, and improving outcomes, including enriching the stakeholder experience. However, is technology alone the sole catalyst for transformation? What other factors contribute to meaningful change? This presentation delves into the critical facets of business transformation that extend beyond technology. While technology undeniably serves as a cornerstone, it’s essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of change. Factors such as organizational structures, processes, leadership paradigms, human capital, skillsets, cultural dynamics, and strategic frameworks all wield significant influence. By comprehensively addressing these elements, organizations can effectively navigate change, foster innovation, and attain enduring success amidst the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment.

Fortifying Organizations: Building Enterprise Resilience through Risk Management

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizational resilience is paramount for navigating uncertainties and ensuring sustained success. This presentation focuses on bolstering organizational resilience through effective risk management practices. It delves into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) ‘s proactive strategies, which encompass risk governance and oversight, risk appetite and tolerance, identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring. The presentation will also explore practical steps for implementing ERM, emphasizing a holistic approach involving leadership, employees, processes, systems, and culture. Participants will gain insights into how robust risk management can strengthen organizational foundations and foster adaptability in the face of adversity.

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