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Jane Frankland – Keynote Speaker

Cybersecurity Specialist, Entrepreneur and Author

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Jane Frankland Keynote Speaker

Specialist Subjects

  • Cyber security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity


  • English

Jane Frankland – Keynote Speaker

Cybersecurity Specialist, Entrepreneur and Author

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Jane Frankland Keynote Speaker

Jane Frankland
Cybersecurity Specialist, Entrepreneur and Author

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Jane Frankland is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author. She focuses on business strategy and high performance in cybersecurity and is a world authority on attracting and retaining women in this field. She has been named as the third most influential person in cybersecurity in the UK and a top twenty global influencer.

Jane has over 21-years of experience in cybersecurity, has built and sold her own global hacking firm and served in executive positions at leading cybersecurity consultancies. In addition to managing her own company and parenting three children, she is an awards judge and board advisor. She authors many articles, is regularly featured in the media, and is sought after as a keynote speaker.
Jane is driven to build a more secure world and is obsessive about developing female talent in the industry. It’s why she authored IN Security and created the movement and tribe.

Jane Frankland is driven by her three children, an obsession to deliver outstanding quality and to make a positive difference in the world. Believing passionately in freedom, empowerment and entrepreneurism her vision is to strengthen cyber space with an optimised, gender diverse cybersecurity workforce. It’s why she authored ‘IN Security: How a failure to attract and retain more women in cybersecurity is making is all less safe,’ and created the IN Security movement - a global community that stands behind a mission to connect, teach and inspire more people in cybersecurity.

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