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Expert in smart cities, urban design and emergent technologies
Former Minister of Security
Internet of Things Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Pioneer in computer graphics and co-founder of animation studio Pixar
Co-founder Blippar
Renowned commentator on the digital revolution
Author of bestseller The Second Machine Age
Prize winning author and leading expert on strategy, globalisation and entrepreneurship
Futurologist and expert on the future of the automobile industry
Former Senior Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and Fintech
Co-Founder and CEO, Mars One
Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio
Expert on Future of Work in the Networked Era
Global Digital Leader
Former COO of Google Europe and CEO AdParlour
Co-Founder Twitter
Senior Director of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple (2005-2009), responsible for the iPhone
Bestselling author and the founder of a breakout new retail banking concept, Movenbank.
Futurist, Expert on Global Trends, Innovation and on Thriving in Uncertainty
Security Advisor & Founder
Best-selling writer on artificial intelligence
Pioneer of the digital revolution and an expert in omni-channel retail and digital retail
Roboticist & Medical Science Futurist
Co-Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of YouTube
Founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow
Globally Renowned Innovation and Education Guru
Former head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit (until 2013), Senior Cyber Crime Advisor PwC (2013-2017)
Co-Founder of Facebook and Founder of My.barackobama.com
Former MD of GOOGLE Germany & Green-Tech expert
LSE Innovation and Co-Creation Lab
Co-author Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance
Author, Futurist and Leader in Emerging Digital Technologies
Professor of Strategic Innovation and International Management at London Business School
The pain-free way of boosting economic growth
FinTech Entrepreneur and former Managing Director Google UK and Ireland
Network security expert and former WikiLeaks spokesperson in Germany
Emmy-award-winning producer, educator, and an internationally recognised architectural designer
Vice-President, Imperial College London
Founding editor-in-chief of WIRED's UK edition
Authority on Business Agility and Blockchain
Former Head of Social Media at IBM
Disruptive Top 25 Innovator and Futurist
French Political Scientist, founder of the IFRI, the French Institute for International Relations
Futurist specialising in corporate sustainable development
Recent UK Minister for Technology
Professor at ETH Zurich for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics
Partner at Passion Capital and Chair of Tech City UK
Founder of Facebook’s Politics and Government Division; Founder of the Conversational Century
Mayor of Bogota and leading sustainability and mobility in cities advocate
Expert in Cyber Security
Entrepreneur and Founder of Tirendo
French politician, founder of Korelya Capital and former magistrate at the French Court of Auditors
Renowned political commentator, futurist and author
François Bourdoncle, a pioneer of Big Data and Search technologies, is currently CEO of FB&Cie
Head of Technology at Manchester University, former CIO for the London Olympic Games
Digital Champion of France. Multi-entrepreneur.
Award Winning Computer Security Analyst
Expert on Future of Energy and Professor of Energy Economics
Artificial Intelligence Pioneer & Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines
Futurist and Urbanist
Award-Winning Designer, Professor & Founder of iGNITIATE
Expert on Innovation. Former Chief Technologist IBM
President and Managing Director of E14Fund
Facebook Superstar
Director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
Director of UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance
Former CMO, Red Bull Europe
Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank, former policy advisor to Nelson Mandela
Leading Futurist
Renowned Cryptographic and Technology Security Guru
Considered by FORTUNE and TIME as one of the world's leading digital media strategists
Former CEO Google and GE, Spain and Portugal
Director General of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (DSIS) from 2007-13
Co-Founder Zopa, Director Future Agenda
Former Digital President of Condé Nast
Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, Certified Instructor at SANS
Journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph, author of The Dark Net
Making revolutionary science understandable
Founder of Glasses Direct and current Industry Head of Retail at Google
Europe’s No 1 Ethical Hacker
Financial Market Futurist
Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Tesla Motors
Executive Editor, WIRED Magazine UK
Former Chief Executive of Shell
World expert on aspects of cyber security
One of the world's foremost technology practitioners
Former CEO of Huffington Post and former President AOL’s content and consumer brands
Founding Board Director Bitcoin
One of the Creators of Skype & Venture Investor
Award winning Financial Times writer on technology and the future
Chief Marketing Officer at Airbnb
Co-founder Wonga.com
Youth Entrepreneurship
Psychological Scientist, Expert on Memory
Expert in Robot Ethics
Technology and Digital TV Presenter
Mayor of London (2000-08); speaker on London in the global economy
Authority on cyber security and hacker culture
Former European MD of LinkedIn and its first employee outside the US
Once the World's Most Wanted Hacker
Assistant Professor & Founder, Playful Systems, MIT Media Lab
Apple Trends Moderator
Recent President of The National Association of Software and Services Companies
Mayor of Berlin (2001-2014)
Disruptive Innovation, Strategy, and Technology Analyst
One of Europe's most influential futurists
Author and illustrator of Hello Ruby
Inventor and Digital Leader
Founder, Superhuman Ltd - Exploring the Human Aspects of Technology
Futurologist and lecturer within business intelligence and trends
Expert on Banking and Payment
Digital Health Futurist
Co-founder of Netflix
Chief Technology Officer National Geographic
Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value and Director, The Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London
Europe’s No 1 Futurist
Speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data and how these technologies change your organisation
Co-founder of lastminute.com, UK Digital Champion. Non-executive Director of Marks and Spencer
CEO and Co-Founder Codec, a creative intelligence platform enabling you to invest in content that resonates with untapped audiences
Physicist and Cosmologist
Co-founder and one of the CEOs of mymuesli
Author, Scientist and Futurist
Mayor of Oklahoma City
Investigative Journalist and Leading Expert on Cybercrime
Japan's leading futurist
Co-founder and Chairman of Infosys, former 'World Entrepreneur of the Year'
Visual Artist
Engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute
Senior Vice President Virgin Hyperloop One
Tech investor and futurist
Renowned Economist who predicted the 2007 Global Financial Crisis and Credit Crunch
Founder and CEO of Lendix, the #1 SME lending platform in continental Europe
Senior Lecturer at MIT, a Thousand Talents Program Professor at Tsinghua University and co-founder of the Presencing Institute
World-renowned Hacker, Inventor and Technology Futurist
Leading geo-strategic expert and best-selling author
The Inventor of Chirp. Chirp was the #1 download on iOS in six countries including the UK and China
Professor, Polymath, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Ex CTO at BT
Engineer, physician, and entrepreneur best known for being the founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation
Technology entrepreneur, lecturer and author
Research and Analysis Director, Games, IHS Markit
Film maker and leading expert on e-commerce in China
Inventor, Designer and Engineer. Pranav Mistry is best known for his inventions of SixthSense and Samsung Gear
CIO Munich Re (1997-2016) - Innovation Advisor
Dr Rand Hindi, entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence and Privacy. Founder of Snips.ai
Former Head of Marketing at Facebook and Founder of Zuckerberg Media
Europe's most experienced, most successful and most widely published futurologist
Director of Engineering, Machine Intelligence, Google
Visionary leader with employee-centric approach to management
Leading Academic, Entrepreneur and Business Forecaster
Global Authority on Search Engine Manipulation of Government Elections
Middle Eastern Energy Guru
Mobile Financial Services Guru
Director AI at Accenture
Developed social networking platforms for Obama and Sanders’ Presidential Campaigns
Award-winning Futurist, Europe's Top 30 Women in Digital
Applied futurist and information risk expert
Global Technology Futurist
Co-founder of Apple Computers
Customer Experience in the Digital World
Professor of Educational Technology
Strategy Director and Editor Emeritus, New Scientist
One of the UK's leading experts on the physiology of the brain and Human Mind
Head of Industry, Retail at Google
Economist, private banker and author
Director of Innovation for IBM Norway
Inventor of the World Wide Web
British journalist, writer and broadcaster, best known for his reporting and analysis of developments in foreign news and international diplomacy
Founder UK's Government Digital Service
Tech entrepreneur behind Polaroid’s revival and bestselling co-author of ‘Connect’
American internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist
"Britain's greatest fraudster" and fraud expert
Expert on regional and local government and public service reform
Recent President of Estonia
Expert on Big Data & Professor of Internet Governance at Oxford University
The Turnaround CEO - Shifting Power to the Employees for outstanding performance
Global Tech Investor
An acclaimed futurist and innovation designer, 'the new European guru of innovation', according to The Financial Times
Described by the convenors of Australia Top 16 as The World's youngest and most impressive public speaker
Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, London School of Economics
Director and CEO of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Professor of Computer Science at Saarland Univ