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Jason Drew – Keynote Speaker

Environmental Capitalist and Visionary

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Jason Drew Keynote Speaker
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Specialist Subjects

  • Business innovation and creativity
  • Future of business in a sustainable world
  • Corporate leadership in the 21st-century
  • Environmental Capitalism


  • English
  • French

Jason Drew – Keynote Speaker

Environmental Capitalist and Visionary

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Jason Drew Keynote Speaker

Jason Drew
Environmental Capitalist and Visionary

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Jason Drew is an entrepreneur and environmentalist who argues that the industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun.  Based on this Drew has developed a clear vision, blueprint and operating model for business in the 21st century.
Drew is CEO of, what is by headcount, the world’s largest farm.  AgriProtein is set to become the first AgTech Unicorn – a private company valued at over $1bn.  From the world’s largest insect farm, to a remarkable and profitable toilet business in the slums of Africa as well as a company that is likely to replace the pesticide industry, Jason Drew has started and invested in some remarkable and globally disruptive businesses.

As old business models implode, new ways of doing business are emerging that will be more disruptive than the Internet. Peer to peer markets, product sharing platforms and 3d and CLIP Printing of everything from car parts to food will change the business world in the next decade. Disruptive innovation is creating whole new industries that could not be foreseen five years ago.  These closed loop businesses are driving a wave of creativity whilst changing business strategy, risk and governance for existing companies.

Described by Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, and by Forbes Magazine as ‘The Lord of the Flies’, Jason Drew is sharp, witty and above all a realist with a no-nonsense, inspiring and business focused approach to fixing our problems.  He was awarded the 2013 UN Innovation Prize for Africa and his companies have won numerous awards around the world.

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