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One of the most charismatic motivational speakers in the business world

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Specialist Subjects

  • Peak Performance
  • Mindset Change
  • Motivation


  • English


Speaker, coach, and leadership facilitator, Jim Steele is one of the world’s top business performance pioneers. With clients including Google, Deloitte, and London business school, Jim’s corporate speeches are designed to deliver quantifiable performance results and are centred around practical strategies that employees can use to reach their peak potential.

Jim Steele draws from cutting edge neuroscientific research and partners with technology firms to continually address the ever-evolving challenges of the business world. During lock-down, for instance, Jim developed his ‘Virtual Prescence Ninja Style’ coaching program and speech, which addresses virtual presence and building relationships online.

For this, he partnered with Kai, Knowledge through Artificial intelligence. Their conversational AI software reveals hidden human insights, highlighting the conscious and unconscious subtleties in face-to-face communication that can dramatically improve our ability to make an impact in the virtual world.

He also researched some trailblazing data from LIWC in analysing 26,000 earnings calls, from 2,100 companies over 6.5 years to identify the specific points in the day when people are physiologically programmed to feel more positive and when online calls are more likely to succeed.

Jim has a particular interest in the role of wellbeing in high performance. His Unashamedly Superhuman program promotes strategies for building resilience and tackling stress. Centred around shifting mindsets, and hacking physiology, Jim shares techniques for reconditioning the fight or flight response in the face of stress; activating the brain’s seeking system to release dopamine and increase energy; and scheduling rest and recovery to heighten overall performance.

Jim Steele’s sense of humour, charismatic presence and passion for excellence creates a memorable and long-lasting impact. As the founder of internationally renowned Steele Performance, and the former Global Partner at Performance and Communications Training Consultancy RogenSi LLP, his expertise is the result of over 25 years of studying and coaching on peak performance. He works with clients to develop speeches and coaching that best suits their business needs.

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