Manuela Nicolosi – Keynote Speaker

Referee, part of the first all female team to officiate a Men's European Final

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Specialist Subjects

  • Women in sport and business
  • How to build success
  • Entrepreneurship and Investment


  • English
  • French
  • Italian


Manuela Nicolosi is a trailblazer of women’s sport. Having been part of the first all female team to officiate a Men’s European Final, she is paving the way for women who follow her and showing them that anything is possible.

Manuela has spent more than 10 years refereeing around the world and been part of every major competition including the Olympics, Women’s World Cup and most prolifically so far, the Men’s 2019 SuperCup Final in Istanbul. In a sport traditionally dominated by men, Manuela Nicolosi has overcome more than her share of adversity, challenged the norm and successfully changed many perceptions.

Her integrity and consistency on the football pitch also extend to the business world; Manuela Nicolosi is an entrepreneur and investor who has over 15 years experience helping CEOs and CFOs improve their Cash Flow, providing them with the tools to control and optimise their performance. Furthermore, she helps aspiring young women start their own businesses, her goal being to empower them so that they can build their own success.

Sharing her candid insights and personal experiences as a woman in sport and business, Manuela is thought-provoking and inspiring. Speaking from her own learnings, Manuela’s keynotes are motivating and provide practical advice for how to build success. This also makes her a valuable contributor to panels and Q&As.

A dynamic personality, Manuela is well experienced leading workshops and team building events. She also provides training of visualization and how to manifest your dream life. Applying her level-headed demeanour, she can successfully retain the focus of large groups and lead them with a structured approach.

Manuela Nicolosi was awarded LinkedIn Top Voice 2024 in leadership, women empowerment and decision making.

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