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Motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship professor, activist, author and legendary music mogul behind the careers of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé, Solange and many others.

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Specialist Subjects

  • Sales & Marketing
  • The DNA of Achievers
  • Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace


  • English


Mathew Knowles is a globally renowned music industry mogul who has exhibited prominence in multiple sectors, including music, corporate, film and television, and most recently as a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

Over the years, Knowles has assumed a plethora of marquee positions and roles but none more fulfilling than working with his own children. He played a vital role in nurturing the careers of several prominent artists including the careers of his daughters, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.

It all started with Mathew launching the coveted record label known as Music World Entertainment in 1992. Under the “Music World Entertainment” moniker, Mathew became the executive producer and manager of the legendary group known as Destiny’s Child. The group would go on to achieve tremendous feats throughout the 90s, most notably winning the Grammys, AMAs and getting inducted into the Billboard 100 “all time” charts. Several music icons were developed under the “Music World Entertainment” banner. Knowles was fully intent on harnessing the full potential of all the artists he managed, most of whom went on to win major awards as well as achieving multi-platinum status.

His music enterprise was preceded by a vastly distinguished career in the corporate sector.

Prior to his career in music, Mathew was a decorated salesman who was widely regarded as the best in his industry, worldwide. His expertise in the corporate sector later proved vital in his role as a music manager, mentor, and executive.

Further, he served as the CMO for House of Deréon, Deréon and Miss Tina apparel which ultimately sold for $75 million.

Today, Mathew is regarded as one of the greatest music executives of all time. His mission in life is to motivate and educate, and travels the world speaking at corporations, conferences and events.

Mathew Knowles leverages experiences from his life and career to create engaging, thought-provoking and high-value content. He speaks in the areas of sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, cancer awareness and early-detection, the music industry, branding and more.

Popular Talks by Mathew Knowles

Sales & Marketing

Mathew discusses the marketing campaigns that get noticed and drive results in today’s world.  He talks about Beyoncé’s longevity and impact on culture, gives the audience an exclusive “look behind the curtain” into some of culture’s most successful brands and marketing campaigns..

The DNA of Achievers

Mathew focuses on characteristics that are common among successful people from all walks of life. Mathew Knowles reveals the very traits to success he used in crafting the careers of Beyoncé, Solange, Destiny’s Child, Grammy-winning artist Le’Andria Johnson and many more.  The traits for success are learnable, teachable and can be implemented by those who understand and apply them.

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