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Motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship professor, activist, author and legendary music mogul behind the careers of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé, Solange and many others.

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Specialist Subjects

  • The DNA of Achievers
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • The Music Industry in the Digital Age
  • 10 Qualities of Successful Leadership
  • Harmonizing Your Workforce
  • How to Develop Your Branding & Endorsement Identity
  • Habits of Successful Marketing & Salespeople
  • Racism from the Eyes of a Child
  • Health & Wellness
  • Ethical Leadership


  • English


Mathew Knowles taps into every area of his expertise to deliver engaging, educational, and motivating keynotes that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

While many know him for his legendary contributions to the music industry through managing the careers of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé and Solange amongst many others, Knowles also boasts a distinguished 20-year career in sales and marketing with Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Phillips and Johnson & Johnson and holds a MBA in Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture as well as a Ph.D in Business Administration.

Through his strategic approach and unmatched work ethic, he became the worldwide number one salesman at Xerox Medical Systems for multiple years.

Additionally, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer for House of Deréon which sold in 2008 for over $75 million.

Knowles is involved in education and academia, teaching at multiple universities across the world, as well as serving on multiple boards. He is passionate about motivating and inspiring people of all creeds, nationalities and backgrounds and is a vocal advocate for health and wellness. He’s also the author of five books (including two Amazon best sellers) with more on the way.

In 2022, he became the head of the newly formed Music World Films & TV.

This abundance of experience allows Mathew Knowles to speak to a variety of audiences on a multitude of topics in a way that will make your event memorable and impactful for your attendees.

Mathew Knowles is available to speak at your corporate events, conferences, and higher education lectures for audiences of all sizes.

Popular Talks by Mathew Knowles

The DNA of Achievers

A personal and professional-oriented, motivational, and inspirational talk all rolled into one. As the title suggests, it focuses on characteristics that are common among successful people from all walks of life.

Entrepreneurship 101

Understanding the theory, creative process, characteristics, sales, marketing and practice of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. An in-depth look at why some entrepreneurs fail, whereas others succeed.

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