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Award-winning speaker, Author, and Expert in Relational Intelligence, Luxury Brands, Sales Management and Client Experience

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Specialist Subjects

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Excellence in Sales and Service
  • Selling Premium
  • From employee to brand ambassador
  • Energizing customer experience through Relationship Intelligence
  • Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for winning over your Brand Ambassadors


  • English
  • French
  • German


Michaela Merk is an award-winning speaker, coach and expert in relational intelligence to elevate your teams in customer experience and leadership excellence. With over 20 years’ expertise in the premium and luxury goods industry, she has trained and inspired audiences in over 30 countries, featured in TEDx Talks, Forbes and Financial Times. She spoke to the most demanding international corporations such as L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermès, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Cartier and brands that are place excellency at the heart of their business.

Furthermore, she serves as a leadership expert and trainer for the esteemed French Management Association (APM – Association Progrès du Management), a global network comprising 6500 managing directors.

Originally from Germany, Michaela has lived in Paris for over 25 years. She has held senior positions with leading international companies, including Marketing Director at L’Oréal, Retail Director at Marionnaud, and General Manager at Estée Lauder Companies.

At the heart of her publications and conferences is her main research topic: relational intelligence, an essential talent for strengthening relationships between all company players, especially in times of transformation. Michaela has published numerous articles and has written several books, including her bestseller “Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors” (Palgrave McMillan).

Her latest launch is the filmed podcast “Luxury Leadership Talks”, in which she debates with CEOs in the luxury industry their vision of innovation, sustainability and success.

Michaela’s conferences are renowned for being dynamic, interactive and motivating. They are always tailor-made, adapted to the needs and challenges of the company and its audience. Perfectly trilingual, she gives conferences and workshops in English, French or German to thousands of people all over the world. She has also hosted TEDx Talks, and in 2020 received the highest international distinction for public speaking, the Certified Speaking Professional, awarded by the National Speakers Association in the USA, making her the only woman in France to have achieved it.

Michaela is deeply involved in the academic world. She holds a PhD in marketing from Sorbonne and HEC and is currently Professor of Marketing and Director of the MSc Sustainable Luxury Management at Audencia Business School, as well as teaching at Sciences Po Paris.

Popular Talks by Michaela Merk

Leadership Excellence

Elevate your teams with the power of Relational Intelligence. Companies around the world are facing transformations: the economy, CSR, technology, working methods, etc. With increasing uncertainty, employees are being pushed out of their comfort zone, having to adapt and chart an unpredictable future. To excel in challenging environments, internal and external stakeholders need to form a strong, highly committed team. Can you guide and motivate them through this journey?
Michaela reveals the 5 crucial skills to fortify connections among leaders, employees, and partners, transforming them into dedicated brand ambassadors.
This shift is vital for organizations to excel and outperform rivals. It mobilizes the collective spirit necessary for achieving your highest goals, especially during tough transformations. This keynote is a culmination of over a decade of continuous research in Relational Intelligence, enriched with the invigorating Olympic spirit of collaborative triumph amidst change.

Key Takeaways
– Elevate your teams to the pinnacle of excellence through emotional leadership.
– Forge powerful and sustainable bonds with your stakeholders even during change.
– Inspire and coach your teams to pursue with conviction common objectives.
– Effectively manage and motivate Millennials and Gen Z employees.
– Empower to your teams and amplify their value to outperform and exceed targets.

Excellence in Sales and Service

Elevate customer experience with Relational Intelligence. In this energizing conference, sales and service teams will acquire the skills to reach the pinnacle of excellence in customer loyalty and satisfaction. With her positive winning spirit, Michaela will elevate your teams to olympic heights of emotional and relational intelligence, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and emotional bond.
In an era where customers can easily access comprehensive information about products and brands online, possessing high levels of relationship excellence has become paramount to satisfying discerning customers. Crafting a memorable experience for customers is a significant challenge in today’s highly competitive business landscape and fast-moving world characterized with information overload. This keynote is a culmination of over a decade of continuous research in Relational Intelligence, enriched with the invigorating Olympic spirit of collaborative triumph amidst change.

Key Takeaways
– Explore strategies for boosting sales through emotional and relational intelligence.
– Train your teams to foster emotional bonds between customers and your brand.
– Ensure a memorable experience for discerning customers using luxury giants’ tactics.
– Turn today’s customers into true advocates, promoting your brand with pride.
– Transcend customer satisfaction and loyalty increasing customer lifetime value.

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