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Expert in Luxury Brands, Sales Management and Client Experience

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Specialist Subjects

  • From employee to brand ambassador
  • Energizing customer experience through relationship intelligence
  • Energizing customer experience through Relational Intelligence
  • The Art of Transforming Teams into highly engaged Brand Ambassadors
  • The Art of strengthening Customer Relationships in the digital age.
  • Leadership Excellence through Relational Intelligence
  • Succeeding together: Reaching Excellence through Relational Intelligence
  • Successful Leadership in times of Transformation
  • The Secrets of Selling Premium Successfully
  • The Secrets of Luxury Brands


  • English
  • French
  • German


In her engaging trainings, coachings, conferences, Michaela Merk builds excellence in customer experience, leadership, and sales through Relational Intelligence.  She is an expert in the field of luxury and premium brands, which she uses in order to build the bridge to other industry sectors where customers are demanding and key.

Her credo: “Those who master relational intelligence hold the secret for building powerful leadership qualities, for winning loyal customers, for captivating audiences, for transforming teams into highly engaged brand ambassadors.” She has inspired over 100,000 people in more than 20 countries for over a decade.

Merk engages highly diverse audiences in English, French and German with her dynamic and charismatic style. In 2020, she received the highest international award for public speaking, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) offered by the National Speakers Association of the United States.

Her talent in inspiring and motivating people allowed her to successfully manage and coordinate international teams as Retail director and General Manager for premium and luxury companies such as Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal and Marionnaud. Since the creation of Merk Vision, she developed conferences and trainings for the biggest luxury groups, including LVMH, Richemont, Hermes and Chanel, but also smaller companies and other industries who want to learn from the best. This made her collaborate with all kind of industries  where people and relationships matter the most!

She holds a PhD in marketing, which she defended in 2012 at IAE Paris, and is the author of numerous business and academic articles. Her book, “Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning Over Your Brand Ambassadors,” has become an important resource for executives in the premium and luxury industries.

In addition, Michaela Merk lectures or has taught luxury marketing and management in leading international business schools and Universities including Sciences Po Paris, ESSEC, IESEG and University of St Gallen.

Popular Talks by Michaela Merk

From employee to brand ambassador

The art of reaching excellence with Relational Intelligence

In times of massive transformation companies can only succeed, if all internal and external stakeholders are acting as a team.

In her captivating and highly dynamic keynote, Michaela Merk shares the 5 key competences that successfully strengthen relationships between business leaders, their employees and partners making them to highly engaged Brand Ambassadors. Only then, organizations can grow and reach excellence beyond market competitors.

The entire keynote is enriched with the findings of over 10 years of ongoing research in Relational Intelligence and energized with the Olympic spirit of winning together in times of change.

This conference will allow you to discover …

  • How to bring your sales and service teams to the highest levels of excellence through emotional leadership
  • How to create lasting relationships with your teams, customers and suppliers in times of change
  • How to inspire and coach your teams to become committed brand ambassadors
  • How to best manage millennials and gen z employees
  • How to rally your teams and boost their level of engagement for achieving big goals together

Energizing customer experience through relationship intelligence

The art of turning sales teams into brand ambassadors

This dynamic and energetic conference was developed to show that each employee within a company has internal and external customers that he or she must serve in the best possible way. As an ambassador for his company or brand, an employee can generate a “customer” experience if he knows how to embody the highest level of relationship intelligence in front of his entourage. These essential qualities must be fostered by all managers.

This conference will allow you to discover …

  • The most important talents and skills to create memorable customer experiences
  • How to enhance customer loyalty over generations
  • How to bring your sales and service teams to the highest levels of excellence through relational leadership
  • How to rally your teams and boost their level of engagement for achieving big goals together

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