Reyhan Jamalova – Keynote Speaker

Founder of Rainergy, Changemaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • Climate
  • Renewable Energy
  • University Admission
  • Youth and Women Empowerment


  • English


Reyhan Jamalova is a third-year student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Azerbaijan, she is the founder of Rainergy— a company that aims to solve the energy deficiency problem in rural communities by utilizing the power of rain to produce renewable energy.

Aged 12, Reyhan Jamalova achieved the highest score on the entrance exam for an elite school in Baku. As a result, she and her family moved out of their small village, and Reyhan left behind the expectation that she would be married by 17.

Having experienced torrential rains in the Caucasus Mountains where she grew up, Reyhan Jamalova was acutely aware of the problems these could cause (damaged crops, flooding, building damage, and temporary blackouts). This motivated her to set up The Rainergy Project at the age of 14, aiming to help tackle the world’s energy problem through harvesting the kinetic energy of falling raindrops. Specifically, this initiative was applicable to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy – in rainy rural places. The Rainergy device emits lower CO2 emissions during electricity production than both solar panels and wind turbines – it holds incredible value for the 33 million people residing in rural parts of rainy countries with lacking access to electricity.

In 2017, Rainergy was awarded the Audience Favourite Startup Award at the Climate Launchpad pre-accelerator program. In the subsequent years, Reyhan has grown the company and uses her platform to promote talented young people with innovative ideas, speaking at many youth-related events, meeting with young people and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

And Jamalova’s achievements have not gone unnoticed: As a result of Rainergy’s success, she was the first Azerbaijani to be selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Asia, placed on BBC’s 100 Most Influential and Inspiring Women List of 2018, and attended over 35 international and national conferences, summits, and meetings as a keynote speaker, including the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Asia summit, 2021 COP26 summit, and Youth Co: Lab summit organized by UNDP Vietnam.

Reyhan Jamalova is also a 2018 Presidential Youth Award holder, 2019 TRT World Youth Award winner, Global Good Fund 2020 Fellow, 2021 Green Award winner, bp NetZero Scholar, and One Young World Ambassador.

Reyhan Jamalova is an incredibly motivated and passionate entrepreneur whose effective communication and ingenuity stand her in good stead to be at the forefront of the renewable revolution, particularly in areas that need innovating energy solutions the most. She is a natural speaker whose inspiring character continues to impress and encourage action in others.

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