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Richard Foster-Fletcher stands at the forefront of ethical artificial intelligence as an AI Advisor, Author, Speaker, and LinkedIn Top Voice. He is the visionary behind (Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence), an initiative dedicated to fostering AI’s responsible development and application. Through his stewardship of the Boundless Podcast, Richard delves into discussions about AI inclusivity and digital ethics, contributing to a more equitable technological future. His profound insights have illuminated lecture halls at globally renowned institutions, including the London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL), Oxford University, and Imperial College London, guiding the next generation of tech leaders.

An alumnus of the prestigious MIT AI Strategy Course, Richard’s thought leadership on the Future of AI has been widely recognised, including his pivotal role in the Resilience Frontiers Advisory Group for the United Nations Environmental Programme. Beyond academia, his professional journey encompasses influential positions at Oracle Corporation and the BBC, reflecting a diverse career that bridges technology, media, and ethical governance. As an Advisory Board Member for the African Institute of AI, Richard Foster-Fletcher extends his impact, championing innovation and ethical standards across continents. His commitment to ethical AI transcends boundaries, making him a key figure in shaping the future of technology with conscience.

Popular Talks by Richard Foster-Fletcher

Future of Work

– AI and the Future of Jobs.
– The Impact of AI on Education and Educators.
– Skills of the Future.

AI Ethics

– Navigating Bias in AI Systems.
– Developing a Shared Language for AI Ethics.
– Navigating Transparency and Confidentiality in AI.

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