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Сommunication and inclusion specialist, an award-winning speaker and the author of two books

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Specialist Subjects

  • Elevating Empathy
  • Embracing Psychological Safety and Inclusive Communication
  • Inclusive Leadership: Strategies & Skills
  • Creating a Speak Up Culture: Empower, Encourage, Evolve
  • Unlock High Performance by Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Working With Resistance
  • Three Steps to Inclusion & Allyship


  • English


Shola Kaye helps global organisations create a People-First Culture, preparing for the future of work using the power of empathy, effective communication and inclusive leadership skills. Shola’s work is frequently described as engagingly practical, easily implementable and inspiring. She shares moving stories, accessible case studies and actionable insights gained from working with international corporations across a wide range of industries, and sessions may be modified for leaders or for broader audiences.

Shola’s clients include American Express, Deloitte, Google, IBM, Nestle, Meta, Target, The United Nations, Kaiser Permanente, GSK, Henkel, Reckitt, HSBC, LVMH, Capital One and Oracle. She is the author of two books and has written for a variety of industry publications.

Shola’s experiences as a Black female introvert, working for global corporations, have given her an understanding of some of the many challenges faced by companies today as they seek to create environments of empathy and belonging, supporting their ever-more diverse, often remote, teams. Her work allows organisations to increase innovation, bolster belonging and develop engaging, productive environments.

Early in Shola’s career, after studying at Cambridge University, she worked in consulting and account management in New York and London with clients such as Goldman Sachs and British Airways. She has also conducted neuroscience research at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What differentiates Shola as a speaker is that she has also spent time performing across the globe and captivating audiences as a professional entertainer. She therefore understands what it takes to keep her keynote attendees engaged and participating throughout the session, and she provides multiple opportunities for valuable self-reflection and outstanding levels of interaction.

At the moment her most popular keynote is on Elevating Empathy. In today’s challenging workplaces it’s crucial to meet people where they are, demonstrating curiosity and understanding. An empathic approach is also valuable when it comes to helping reduce resistance to change, such as restructuring, entering new markets or embarking upon new initiatives.

Shola also works with global teams that need to find ways to reduce bias and reach across cultural differences, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, inclusion and high performance. Her session ‘Inclusive Communication and Psychological Safety’ has been booked by a variety of international organisations, whether for leadership or wider groups and, as a skilled facilitator, she’s often called upon to run sessions that are a hybrid between conventional keynotes, town halls, and large group workshops.

As an introvert herself, she loves to create experiences in which everyone feels deeply involved and empowered to participate fully. Her virtual keynotes often elicit hundreds of comments in the chat, with off-the-chart participation from attendees.

She’s also a popular speaker for International Women’s Day and has worked with many organisations delivering communication programs that help women and other groups speak up and cut through the noise, enabling them to go further, faster, in their careers.

Popular Talks by Shola Kaye

Elevating Empathy

Creating a workplace where everyone feels that they belong is more important than ever before, but how can you build supportive, cohesive environments within your organisation?This is a high-impact, inspiring keynote that offers the tools and the inspiration to become a more compassionate and effective leader, manager, or individual contributor. It may be modified for senior leaders, management, and whole-company keynotes. We’ll look at the important themes of curiosity, courage and being a catalyst and you’ll understand the vital components of empathy, how to be compassionate while avoiding burnout, and why skills like emotional intelligence are in high demand.

What will the audience learn?
– Explore the value of active listening and reasons why we may be reluctant to practice curiosity and courage.
– Understand the different types of empathy.
– Find out what impact empathy and listening have on diversity, inclusion, engagement, retention, innovation, and happiness at work.
– Discuss how we might practice empathy in the virtual workplace.
– Spend time reflecting on our own levels of empathy and potential areas for self-improvement.
– Walk away with a simple three-step framework for being empathetic in nearly every situation

Embracing Psychological Safety and Inclusive Communication

Are you wondering why there has been so much interest in the topic of psychological safety?
During this interactive keynote, we explore the vital role of psychological safety in fostering an inclusive environment that values open, authentic communication. We’ll discuss the importance of embracing vulnerability, trust, and empathy in your daily interactions, enabling your team to unlock its full potential through collaborative ways of working.

What will the audience learn?
– Understand the key elements of psychological safety and their impact on team performance.
– Explore the relationship between psychological safety and emotional intelligence.
– Discover strategies to create a culture of inclusive communication that values and supports diverse perspectives.
– Recognise the role of empathetic leadership in fostering psychological safety.
– Learn practical techniques for building trust and promoting vulnerability within teams.
– Understand that cultural factors also play a role in the creation of psychologically safe environments.

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