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Stephen Heppell – Keynote Speaker

Education Specialist

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keynote speaker stephen heppell
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Specialist Subjects

  • Learning
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Optimising your space for ideal learning and concentration
  • High performance
  • Education technology
  • Engagement


  • English

Stephen Heppell – Keynote Speaker

Education Specialist

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keynote speaker stephen heppell

Stephen Heppell
Education Specialist

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Professor Stephen Heppell has been a professor since the 1980s, he has an unrivalled track record of success and a string of huge projects in both Learning and Technology. He is credited with being the person who put the C into ICT. His support for better Learning is sought by everyone from governments and major corporations, through schools and universities, to elite sports - lately England Rugby, and Team GB's elite Olympic coaches. Everyone needs better learning.

A pioneer of multimedia and CD-ROM before the Internet, post-internet Professor Heppell created and led what was the Guinness Book of Record's largest internet learning project, years before Google, Facebook et al. He has been, and continues to be, at the heart of many world leading projects since.

Professor Heppell’s learning design work extends beyond the digital and virtual. Pioneering learning space designs include the UK “Classrooms of Tomorrow” project, much work in the UK Building Schools for the Future initiative, and today school and university building projects ranging from Peru to Spain, from Australia to SE Asia, from Syrian refugees to some of the wealthiest learning institutions in the world. Pivotal research including the learnometer project analysing the light, temperatures, CO2 and more that contribute to better learning and working spaces, have led to Stephen being in considerable demand to transform physical learning spaces in education, but also everywhere from new media to the Australian mining industries.

So much work and so many projects contribute to Stephen's presentations which are entertainingly rich in practical experience and stories drawn across many sectors. Keynote inputs are often followed by an in-depth masterclass, or seminar conversation to explore things in greater depth.

A stream of awards include, in the last decade, the Royal Television Society's Judges Award for Lifelong Services to Educational Broadcasting, the prestigious BETT Award for Outstanding Achievement in ICT Education and the UK's NAACE Award for Lifetime Achievement in educational technology.


"the most influential academic of recent years in the field of technology and education"
UK's Department for Education and Skills

"Stephen has a vast portfolio of successful, large scale, learning projects behind him".

"Europe's leading online education expert"

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