Top 10 Happiness Wellbeing keynote speakers

Top 10 Keynote Speakers on Happiness and Wellbeing

Happiness and wellbeing are increasingly becoming significant topics for organisations and individuals. Two terms which until recently were not considered by many organisations are now at the forefront of many of our minds. Creating organisational cultures that foster happiness and wellbeing, as well as being a brand that promotes this to its customers is now imperative.

Topics such as happiness in the workplace, health, wellbeing, mindfulness, mind and body are at the forefront of many of our minds. The following keynote speakers have experience and expertise in these areas and can impart their knowledge to audiences through keynote speeches and executive learning masterclasses.

Liz Earle

Liz Earle MBE is known for her passion for beauty, natural health and wellbeing, as well as her considerable charity and campaign work. She is the bestselling author of 35 books, an established TV presenter, an entrepreneur and a farmer.


Since the start of her career, Liz Earle has been passionate about food, farming and the environment. She is an ambassador for The Sustainable Food Trust, an advocate for The Soil Association and co-founder of the original food labelling pressure group FLAG. Liz speaks about how our gut does so much more than just digest food and support our physical health – it also plays a major role in how we feel. She explains that by looking after our beneficial gut bacteria we can improve our mental health. Our intestines are linked to the brain and eating gut-friendly food has been clinically proven to influence happiness.


Read more on Liz Earle here.

Malene Rydahl

Malene Rydahl has 18 years of rich and extensive experience in the corporate world, most recently as Director of Corporate Communication for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in EAME which qualified her as one of the “24 women of the year” according to the French magazine L’Express.


Malene wants to share the secret of what the Danes can teach us about happiness and how we can all live better, more purposeful lives. She also explores why Danish employees are some of the happiest in the world and how that directly impacts results financially in a positive way.

She is the author of the book Happy as a Dane. The book became a best-seller and was awarded the prize of the most optimistic book in 2014.


Read more on Malene Rydahl here.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean at London Business School. He is a Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research and All Souls, Oxford.


His research focuses on business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy and longevity. His book, with Lynda Gratton, The Hundred Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity has been is an Amazon best seller and was runner up in the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2016 and Japanese Business Book of the Year Award 2017. Drawing on the unique pairing of their experience in psychology and economics, Gratton and Scott offer a broad-ranging analysis as well as a raft of solutions, showing how to rethink your finances, your education, your career and your relationships and create a fulfilling and happy 100-year life.


Read more on Andrew Scott here.

Miles Hilton-Barber

Since the age of 50, Miles Hilton-Barber has set numerous world records undertaking extreme endurance events across all seven continents of the world.

Although Hilton-Barber has been blind since his early twenties, he has not let that prevent him from pushing boundaries.


Just some of his astonishing achievements include: being the first blind pilot to undertake a 55-day, 21,000 kilometre microlight flight from London to Sydney, man-hauling a sledge over 250 miles across Antarctica and being the first blind pilot to undertake a sortie of extreme aerobatics in a fighter jet.


Read more on Miles Hilton-Barber here.

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky is an activist in the battle against on-line harassment and the promotion of compassion online.


In 2014, after a decade long self-imposed retreat from public life, Monica authored an essay, titled “Shame and Survival”, for Vanity Fair in which she overlapped personal experiences and cultural observations regarding the shift towards, what Professor Nicholaus Mills calls, a “Culture of Humiliation”.  The acclaimed piece, which received over two million unique views online, was an entry point for her to begin a process she describes as “taking back my narrative and giving a purpose to my past.”


In 2014, Monica gave a speech about the internet’s reputation shredder at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit where she spoke from the perspective of being Patient Zero – having been the first person to have her reputation completely destroyed on-line.  In 2015, she spoke at the annual TED Conference.  Her speech, “The Price of Shame” was viewed nearly 5 million times in the first month of release.


Read more on Monica Lewinsky here.

Robert and Barney Swan

Robert Swan, is one of the world’s preeminent polar explorers and environmental leaders.


By the age of 33, Robert became the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles, earning his place in history alongside the great explorers and adventurers. His 900 mile journey to the South Pole, ‘In the Footsteps of Scott’, stands as the longest unassisted walk ever made on earth. During his expeditions, Swan experienced firsthand the effects of global warming at both Poles.

On November 15, 2017, Robert and his son, Barney, will be embarking on a 60-day expedition to the South Pole. Over the course of this journey, they will be surviving solely off renewable technologies for their cooking, heating, and power needs. If successful, they will be the first to achieve this in Polar History.


Read more on Robert Swan here.

Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi Rinpoche

The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi Rinpoche is Director of the Ethics Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. He is recognised as an innovative thinker, a philosopher educator, a polymath and a monk and is the Founding Director of The Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT.


Venerable Tenzin’s unusual background encompasses entering a Buddhist monastery at the age of 10 years to receiving graduate education at Harvard with degrees ranging from Philosophy to Physics to International Relations.


Read more on Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi Rinpoche here.

Stephen Heppell

A school teacher for more than a decade, and a professor since 1989, Stephen Heppell has worked, and is working, with learner led projects, with governments around the world, international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, schools and communities, his PhD students and many influential trusts and organisations.


His perspective is to look at the physical environment and reflect on how that impacts on happiness and effectiveness too, at work. CO2 levels, temperature, noise, pollution, light levels – all have a huge impact and are rarely considered.


Read more on Stephen Heppell here.

Ariane de Bonvoisin

Ariane de Bonvoisin writes and speaks frequently on issues of personal and professional change, happiness and inspiration, entrepreneurship, women in the workplace, and the topic of mindful living and conscious business.


She has been a Coach for the past 15 years, having started her training and leadership under Tony Robbins. Her clients now include CEOs, start up entrepreneurs, busy parents and anyone committed to making changes in their lives. She has also coached small groups within companies to succeed in meeting specific outcomes.


She is the co-founder of Mindful365, a website and smart phone app that helps people live consciously a day at a time.


Read more on Ariane de Bonvoisin here.

Beau Lotto

Dr Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuro-scientist as well as Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio, the world’s first neuro-design studio. The lab creates unique real-world ‘experiential-experiments’ that places the public at the centre of the process of discovery. By spanning social and personal boundaries between people, brands and institutions, the Lab’s aim is to create, expand and apply their insights into what it is to be a perceiving human.


In 2017, Lotto published his first major book, Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently. He draws on over two decades of pioneering research to explain that our brain hasn’t evolved to see the world accurately.


Lotto believes that addressing our unconscious biases that influence our perception will help us adapt to change, creating happier employees and encouraging wellbeing in general.


Read more on Beau Lotto here.

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