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Thought leader in the Time & Productivity space, top 1% podcast host and public speaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • Creating Flow
  • How to Create Successful Weeks without Time Blocking
  • Becoming Decisive
  • Time-Brain Model
  • Hosting Effective Meetings
  • How to Successfully Fail
  • Why Time Management Doesn't Work & What to Do Instead
  • The Value of Failure, turning Failure into Success
  • How to Make Effective Decisions


  • English


Vikki is a thought leader in the Time & Productivity space, top 1% podcast host and public speaker that is dismantling outdated time management practices and offering tools with a fast and high ROI on time invested. Her podcast “Hack Your Time” gained over 700,000 downloads, organically, as people are hungry for practical tools that actually work.

Her work goes deeper than time management tactics and solves for why we don’t just follow a calendar, why we keep putting off certain tasks and why we get stuck and things take much longer than they need to.

The difference between our most and least productive days is us. More specifically, our brains. And nobody has taught us how to optimize our brains to maximize our productivity. Until now. Vikki is the founder and CEO of Time Hackers, Ltd, working with individuals and teams globally to improve effectiveness and efficiency while eliminating time wasted. She and her global team have supported hundreds of clients to achieve faster success.

After graduating from LSE, she worked in finance and tech across multiple continents, developing a deep understanding of culture and the role it plays with our time and effectiveness. After spending years climbing the corporate ladder, working 80+ hour weeks, and experiencing multiple burnouts, Vikki specializes in helping ambitious do-it-all-ers unlearn time rules and hustle culture so they can achieve more, faster, without compromising their success or vision.

Vikki has lived and worked on four continents, is a mum, and spent most of her life thinking “being disorganized” and “bad with her time” was a personality trait… Until she changed it. She hosts the top 1% “Hack Your Time” podcast, downloaded over 700,000 times and has been a guest speaker on over 150 podcasts, featured in 50+ articles, and has spoken on stages across Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

If you’re looking for an engaging, thought-provoking speaker with the skill of capturing attention and leaving attendees with an immediate ROI, then you have found it.

Popular Talks by Vikki Yaffe

Creating Flow

An understanding of how the Flow State is created in our brain and a framework to create it on demand. This also covers the benefit of flow and a side by side comparison of the impact of flow vs hustle.

How to Create Successful Weeks without Time Blocking

A framework for creating successful weeks that doesn’t involve waking up at 5am, planning on a Sunday, or following a strict calendar. Includes a breakdown of Time Blocking by comparison, its limitations, and why Elon Musk may not be right here.

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