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Founder & CEO of JUV, YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth

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Ziad Ahmed first gained significant attention for his passion for social justice and advocacy as a teenager, when he applied to Stanford University writing the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter 100 times over in response to the question; “What matters to you, and why?”. This unconventional approach not only earned him a place but also sparked discussions on activism, youth engagement and the power of social media.

But Ziad’s efforts didn’t start there. At 14-years-old Ziad set up Redefy, a youth-run non-profit dedicated to combating stereotypes and promoting understanding among diverse communities. Redefy leverages digital platforms to amplify marginalized voices and foster empathy. Founding this led to Ziad Ahmed receiving the High School Trailblazer award by MTV and being named as a Top 15 Young Prodigy Changing the World by Business Insider.

Building on his belief that young people hold the key for long-lasting positive change, Ziad Ahmed went on to establish JUV consulting in 2019, a purpose-driven Gen Z consultancy that works with clients to help them reach young people. He is currently still CEO of JUV and has received several different awards for his efforts with both companies including the Princeton Prize in Race Relations, the Presidential Gold Service Award and appearance in Forbes 30 under 30 whilst only 19. Alongside these incredible achievements he has also managed to graduate cum laude from Yale!

Ziad Ahmed is keen to help educate and encourage others to enact change as he has. A gifted communicator, he has spoken at numerous conferences and events including TEDx, and has featured in media such as the BBC, CNN, and The New York Times (to name a few). Ziad Ahmed’s story serves as an inspiration for youth empowerment, demonstrating the impact one individual can have by leveraging passion, creativity, and a commitment to social justice. As he continues to navigate the intersection of problem solving and youth action, Ziad Ahmed remains a compelling force for positive change in the world.

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