Top 10 Artificial Intelligence keynote speakers

As machines become increasingly capable, artificial intelligence is becoming an important talking point for many organisations both professionally and outside of work. With artificial intelligence advancing it is steadily changing many workplaces, jobs and everyday activities.

Examples of artificial intelligence include virtual personal assistants such as Cortana, smart cars including driverless cars, online customer support bots who auto respond to your queries, smart home devices that can help you save energy by adjusting the settings on your thermostat and other household appliances.

There are more and more uses for artificial intelligence that are becoming apparent. From banking, to hospitality to retail, artificial intelligence is a subjects that we need to address. The following keynote speakers each have experience and skills that will aid us in addressing the potential issues, complications and benefits that artificial intelligence could bring to us and our organisations:

Keynote Speaker Hackford SpeakingSophie Hackford

Sophie Hackford is a futurist, business builder, and speaker, synthesising explosive and interconnected technology and science breakthroughs from around the world. From satellite swarms to AI demonstrating intuition, we are becoming entangled with machines and will be surprised by the consequences.

Sophie previously launched and ran WIRED magazine’s consulting business, bringing the entrepreneurs building the future into boardrooms. She spent two years in Silicon Valley working at Singularity University, a group based at a NASA research park tasked with understanding and harnessing exponential technologies.

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Jeremy White Keynote SpeakerJeremy White

Jeremy White is the senior innovation editor for the award-winning technology title WIRED. He talks extensively not only on artificial intelligence and machine learning, but crucially on how it is already being implemented in various forms by businesses all around the world in order to gain competitive advantage. He charts a realistic, objective view of the future of AI and ML, shunning both overly optimistic and needlessly doom-laden approaches. Jeremy has spoken and delivered lectures at C-suite level on this subject to brands including Google, BMW, Deloitte, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Barclays and many more.

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Maneesh Juneja keynote speakerManeesh Juneja

Maneesh Juneja is a Digital Health Futurist who explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place.

Juneja’s research extends beyond understanding technology, it also include economic, political and cultural trends.  In 2017, some of the topics he examined were new models of care, digital biomarkers, and our relationship with machines as they become more intelligent.

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keynote speaker Mark StevensonMark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson is the author of two books, the just released We Do Things Differently and the best-selling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future.

Stevenson is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on technology and societal trends including artificial intelligence and robotics. In his books he explores case studies of the use of new technologies in various ways such as farming, sustainable energy and health.

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Keynote Speaker Rand Hindi SpeakingRand Hindi

Dr. Rand Hindi is a French entrepreneur and data scientist. He believes that the proper harnessing of big data will allow us to guide our lives better.

Hindi started coding at the age of 10, founded his first startup at 14 and created a web development agency at 15 before starting his PhD at the age of 21.

Recently Hindi was chosen by the French government to become part of France is AI, an initiative set up to support and promote the French Artificial Intelligence ecosystem both locally and internationally, while building bridges with the other AI hubs.

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Inma Martinez Keynote SpeakerInma Martinez

A pioneer in the mobile and data analytics industries since the 2000s, Fortune and TIME have described Inma Martinez as one of Europe’s top talents in social engagement through technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Inma was part of the core data team that created one of the first artificial intelligence systems to personalise in real time the mobile WAP portals of the main European mobile operators and media companies.

She often presents new approaches to emerging sectors such as IoT, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence deployed to create products and services.

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keynote speaker Nick BostromNick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom is Professor at Oxford University, where he is the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute.
This research centre brings together leading minds from computer science, mathematics, philosophy, economics, and engineering spend their days thinking about future technology impacts, global priorities, catastrophic risks, and transformative opportunities.

Nick changes the way we view the big picture—how advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies will reshape the human world, and how present actions affect the future.

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keynote speaker kate darlingKate Darling

Artificial intelligence and robots are taking increasingly bigger roles in life and business – moving well beyond manufacturing and into transportation, education, medicine, care for the elderly, our offices and our homes. But ethics and law haven’t caught up. Kate Darling, a pioneer in these fields, is helping quicken the pace.

A leading expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence, Darling is a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab where she investigates social robotics and conducts experimental studies on human-robot interaction. Darling explores the emotional connection between people and life-like inventions, seeking to influence technology design and policy direction.

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keynote speaker ben hammersleyBen Hammersley

Ben Hammersley is a thought-provoking futurist who has been lecturing to audiences around the globe for over 15 years.  He brings a practical, proactive approach to the digital era inspiring audiences to be present now to be prepared for the future.

Hammersley explores the effects of the internet and the digital network on the world’s business, political and social atmospheres including artificial intelligence, Robotics and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing the business world at an increasingly faster rate every year.  From the boardroom to sales and customer service, the digital revolution has an effect on all levels of your organization’s strategy and culture.

Within his presentation he brings together technological trends in the areas of management, communication and marketing delivering a crash course on how to navigate through the new digital age.

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keynote speaker pranav mistryPranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is a renowned scientist and inventor.

His research fields include Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, Ubiquitous Computing, Gestural Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Collective Intelligence and Robotics. Pranav is best known for his inventions of SixthSense and Samsung Gear. In 2009, Mistry introduced SixthSense – wearable gestural computing technology to the world during TED2009 talk. His TED Talk now has more than 20 million views.

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