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Webinar – The Covid-19 Impact on Global Supply Chains with Mike Coupe

The London Speaker Bureau has been running a series of webinars over the past eight weeks. These episodes are focused on sharing advice, support, and insights to businesses on how to navigate these troubling and uncertain times.


With extensive supply chains spanning across countless countries and numerous continents, these chains are completely exposed when disaster strikes. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted globalisation and former CEO of one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, Mike Coupe explained the true impact for businesses and the key lessons for them to take away.


Mike Coupe Keynote Speaker

Mike Coupe is considered to be a leading business authority. Coupe held the position of CEO for Sainsbury plc from 2014-2020. Before retiring he is credited for turning the company around, through top-level trading, marketing, and online operations, championing Sainsbury’s journey ahead of the competition through a complete digital transformation. From till-free stores to the digitisation of Nectar, the UK’s largest loyalty scheme, through a website and an app, he revolutionised the retail giant’s day to day practices


Samantha Simmonds Keynote Speaker

Samantha Simmonds has been a journalist and broadcaster for more than 20 years – she is currently presenting on the BBC where she presents Sunday Politics on BBC One and also presents the main BBC World News programmes on BBC World News and also the Business programme ‘Work Life’ which is also on the BBC News Channel.

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