Interview with Caspar Craven: Serial Entrepreneur, Former CFO, Adventurer

How can leaders make confident decisions when surrounded by continual uncertainty? How can organisations unleash that hunger within their teams? What does it take to fulfil your biggest goals?  Motivational leadership speaker, Caspar Craven, shares the mindset, leadership and teamwork required to achieve ‘big bold goals’. 
Keynote speaker Caspar Craven

From a trained chartered accountant with a successful career in corporates and startups, to an adventurer having sailed around the world – twice, Caspar’s diverse experiences have shaped his sought-after approach, developing a unique, wide perspective.

In this exclusive in-studio interview, Caspar Craven states that “if you don’t disrupt yourselves, then somebody will do it for you”.  He helps organisations get on the front foot and do things differently. Caspar discusses his relationship with fear and the role it has played in his career – “we all experience fear, get curious, and lets approach it through a cognitive lens, what’s it trying to tell us?”

Through exploring the impact home life has on performance at work, Caspar shares ways in which companies can navigate this, acting as a powerful enabler of “unleashing that talent, and it’s just not talked about”. 60% of employees at work are emotionally disengaged” – his insights work to combat this shocking statistic.

The serial entrepreneur discusses how he approaches generational teams, disruptive technologies and the future of work, “remembering that we are human beings” – sitting at the core. He gets candid while analysing the role purpose has played in his career.

Caspar Craven inspires global audience’s to look at things differently, challenging the norm – “when we don’t take ourselves out of our comfort zone, we don’t always hear those lessons and insights”.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:49 – You advise corporations on achieving ‘big bold goals’. How would you define this?
  • 02:39What is your relationship with fear, and what role has it played in your career?
  • 04:21What are the less obvious factors that lead to their fulfilment?
  • 06:33 – How do you adapt your approach considering; different generations, disruptive technologies, future of work etc.?
  • 07:33 – What role has purpose played in your career?
  • 09:36 – Where have your insights spurred major growth?
  • 12:42 – How can leaders make confident decisions in a world characterised by continual change and uncertainty?
  • 13:34 – What is next for you?


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