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Leading Authority on the Mindset needed to Achieve Big Bold Goals through effective Leadership and Teamwork

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Big Bold Mindset: Why You Can’t Navigate a New World Using an Old Set of Charts
  • Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible
  • Be More Human: Put People First


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Caspar delivers transformational thought-provoking experiences that will leave your audience feeling inspired and provides real actionable takeaways to help you achieve your big bold goals by putting people first.

He understands first hand, the importance of putting people first in order to achieve big bold goals. He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of big bold goals. He has lived what he talks about.

His experience comes from building and selling a tech business for a 7 figure sum, working as a CFO and 5 years working at KPMG, and also from twice sailing round the world – the first time as a team leader on a trophy winning racing yacht in the BT Global Challenge in 2000/1 and the second time as captain and team leader of his family team in 2014/16 with his wife and three young children under 10 years of age.

The insights he delivers apply equally to building thriving teams both at work and at home – by bringing in these ideas around our family and home teams, he appeals to audiences globally.

He gets booked and rebooked because he’s relatable and delivers a thought-provoking experience with humility and humour. Talks that are highly memorable and still get referred to years later by clients, not just a talk that inspires people on the day.

Caspar is obsessed with setting, tackling and achieving big and bold. Until you start thinking big and bold, you and your team will keep repeating the same incremental changes. It’s impossible to change the game and breakthrough until you fully think and embrace big and bold.

He’s a Best Selling Bloomsbury Author and in writing his recent books, “The Big Bold Mindset® – Rethinking the rules of Leadership” and “Be More Human – Rethinking the rules of high-performance teamwork”, he’s been on a journey to research, study, interview, and learn from some of the most successful leaders in the world.

Success leaves clues and it’s these patterns, insights, and stories that he will bring to your audience to give them a transformational experience, not just a talk.

Popular Talks by Caspar Craven

The Big Bold Mindset: Why You Can’t Navigate a New World Using an Old Set of Charts

What are the mindset shifts needed by leaders and teams to achieve your Big Bold Goals?
Using techniques from his latest book The Big Bold Mindset® Caspar explores why we need to think differently to adapt to change and disruption to thrive in a fast moving world.
Caspar shares a series of principles and a set of easily actionable frameworks to guide ambitious leaders at all levels, on the mindset needed to lead ourselves and lead others when it comes to tackling hard challenges.

Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible

Caspar explores what shifts in leadership mindset and culture is needed to achieve Big Bold Goals, in order to move from impossible to possible.
Caspar can create engagement with your team around your vision of the future to form the crucial mindset shift needed to handle setbacks in challenging times in a way that catapults you past your competitors.

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