Interview with Dr Maha Hosain Aziz: NYU Professor, World Economic Forum Expert, Bestselling Author

Award-winning author, Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz, is an expert on global risk and future trends. The NYU professor leads the annual global risk prediction project with Wikistrat. For two years she served on the Global Future Council on Risk at the World Economic Forum. During this interview, the global citizen aims to “help others make better sense of a world of growing global risk, so they can make better decisions.” 

Maha Hosain Aziz Keynote Speaker

In a post-pandemic era characterised by risk and uncertainty, Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz informs us on how these risks will change over time – including for individuals, companies and governments. Aziz discusses her previous predictions, indicating the value her approach and insights offer.

Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz also discusses the sequel to her bestseller Future World Order – titled A Global Spring. She provides a glimpse into predictions this book offers; how climate tech may be what determines the next big power, great power competition in a leaderless world, the evolution of extremism and the role Web3 will play in this – “ISIS have already used an NFT to spread their message.”

Thereafter, she dives into some major dangers the next decade will hold, sharing her take on the rise of currencies, “hacking the planet”, anti-government sentiment, and eco-terrorism. With this being said, Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz explores the opportunities too; game-changing satellite internet, climate solutions and the next wave of unicorns, the tech that will be shaping the world order this decade, and how more women in the workforce will add $12-trillion to the global economy.

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Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 02:02 – Your first best-selling book ‘Future World Order’ came out before the pandemic – how has the world evolved since then?
  • 03:35 – The sequel ‘A Global Spring’ will be published this year – what are some predictions?
  • 04:22 – What are the main risks for the world this year?
  • 06:09 – What are other risks or trends this decade?
  • 08:55 – What is next for you?


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