Tim Reid Interview: Award-winning TV Comedy Writer & Creativity Expert

“If you think you’ve got something that will make people laugh, say it, because it’s probably a genius idea.” – Tim Reid

Tim Reid is a multiple award winning comedy writer, best known for co-creating and co-writing the BAFTA winning sitcom, CAR SHARE.

The creativity coach and innovation consultant gets candid about his career, providing insight into his respected approach to inspiring innovation and creativity within organisations. He shares “the best creative learnings from the world of comedy, breaking it down into lessons we [companies] can learn from”, giving us a sneak-peek into some of the techniques he uses in his sessions.

Tim Reid also discusses the looming “threat” AI poses to creativity – is it a stimulus or a solution? The creative genius debunks corporate misconceptions about using comedy within certain processes. A must-watch interview!



Video Timeline

  • 00:18 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:17 – What can corporations learn from the creative process of writing comedy?
  • 04:34 – Is AI a threat to creativity?
  • 08:49 – Why should everyone harness creativity?
  • 10:29 – Is there a misconception you’d like to debunk around integrating comedy into corporate strategy?

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