Discover our most requested Keynote Speakers in 2019

Discover our most requested Keynote Speakers in 2019

As we reflect on 2019, London Speaker Bureau had over 3,000 events in 88 different countries across the world and continued our aim of connecting people and ideas, globally, reaching more audiences than ever before. We’ve gathered our most requested male and female speakers from the past 12 months. These leading experts range in subjects from technology, cyber security, performance, motivation, politics and the future.

keynote speaker Inma MartinezInma Martinez

  • One of FORTUNE and TIME Magazine’s world-leading digital media strategists.
  • An independent technology advisor to the European Union Technology Commission.

Internationally recognised as a leading digital strategist and data scientist, Inma has a broad depth of knowledge within her field that she has demonstrated through her visionary work on one of the development teams behind Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). She divides her time between advisory services to governments and boards, contract work as a digital scientist, and Deep Science Ventures, the UK’s first venture-builder for science-driven companies. Inma specialises in subjects including the effects of artificial intelligence and automation, man-machine collaborations and the accelerated digitalisation of life, work and play.

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Keynote Speaker Shivvy JervisShivvy Jervis

  • Award-winning Industry 4.0 Futurist
  • One of Britain’s female Role Models of the Year for 2020

A trusted expert on the digital economy and the future of technology, Shivvy has a remarkable ability to present complex concepts in an understandable and straightforward manner to her audiences. The World Economic Forum cited Jervis a “a thought leader beyond compare” and she been called upon by Facebook, IMB and Deloitte to share her trusted expert opinion. Shivvy Jervis specialises in ‘Human-Perception’ artificial intelligence, the future of work, 5G and the most powerful breakthroughs at the intersection of digital, science and human psychology.

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Jessica Barker Keynote SpeakerJessica Barker

  • Most influential in tech, UK Tech Women 50 in 2017
  • One of the top 20 most influential women in cyber security in the UK

As a leader in the human nature of cyber security, Jessica Barker has subsequently been recognised as one of the top 20 most influential women in UK cyber security. Barker is at the forefront of the battle against hacking as co-founder of Cygenta; a cyber security organisation that advises small creative agencies to multi-national banks on how to ensure their digital, physical and human security are working in harmony. Jessica’s keynotes will offer vital takeaways around key topics such as cyber hygiene, data management, and digital risk.

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keynote speaker Ayesha KhannaAyesha Khanna

  • Strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and FinTech
  • Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils

Ayesha has many impressive titles such as one of Singapore’s leading female entrepreneurs, a leading Asian FinTech influencer, and the co-founder of an artificial intelligence advisory firm; recognised by Forbes magazine as one of the four leading artificial intelligence companies in Asia. It is no surprise that she is regularly requested to speak to audiences across the world on topics such as future trends, smart cities, artificial intelligence and FinTech.

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keynote speaker Lisa ForteLisa Forte

  • Winner of “Top 100 Women in Tech” Awards, 2018
  • Created the first-ever GCHQ certified social engineering course

Lisa Forte has an impressive background working in counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK government agency and the UK police Cyber-Crime unit on cases both national and international. This background experience has armed Forte with a unique insight into the darker side of the cyber criminals and lead to her becoming an expert in social engineering and psychological manipulation. Forte’s keynotes offer thrilling insights and specialist advice around cyber security, hacking and social engineering that are of great significance to businesses operating in today’s online world.

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keynote speaker james kerrJames Kerr

  • Author behind the global best-seller ‘Legacy’
  • Worked with the world’s elite business, sports and military organisations.

James Kerr has an unmatched and valuable ability to unravel the secrets behind success. Having examined and worked with some of the world’s elite business, sports and military organisations, Kerr has a repertoire of tools and strategies to achieve consistent and extraordinary results; lessening the impact of challenges and initiating a key transitional change in culture and behaviour. James’ keynote subjects include leadership, high-performance and motivation.

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Jamil Qureshi Keynote SpeakerJamil Qureshi

  • One of today’s foremost practitioners of performance-enhancing psychology
  • First-ever official psychologist to work with the European Ryder Cup team

Jamil Qureshi has an ability to hone psychological skills so finely that he consistently manages to breed success and top-ranking performances throughout his diverse range of clients. Sharing his talent on fulfilling potential, Qureshi has developed and delivered extremely successful management and leadership programmes. His work is so widely recognised and respected that he has even been allowed to study a NASA Space Programme. Luckily for the rest of us, he shares this special insight in his keynotes which are focused on performance and psychology, motivation and change management.

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keynote speaker Mark StevensonMark Stevenson

  • Author of the award-winning book, ‘An Optimists Tour of the Future’
  • One of the world’s most respected thinkers on the interplay of technology and society

Mark Stevenson is an author, broadcaster, and expert on global trends and innovation. Stevenson’s approach to giving strategic advice is not all smoke and mirrors but rather an unapologetic injection of clarity, reason and broadmindedness to help organisations across the globe ensure that they are future proof. Stevenson speaks on the future, innovation in an age of chaos and the role that technology will play in the future.

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keynote speaker sigmar gabrielSigmar Gabriel

  • Minister for Foreign Affairs, Germany 2017-18
  • A member of Germany’s cabinet committee on Brexit

Sigmar Gabriel has been active in politics since 1976. He has held the position of SDP (Social Democratic Party) Chairman from 2009-2017, served as the Economy and Energy minister from 2013-2017, Vice Chancellor from 2013-2018, and as foreign affairs minister from 2017-2018.  Not only does Gabriel have undeniably profound and extensive knowledge of European politics but his passion and speaking abilities garner a candid and brilliant insight into European politics, international relations and Brexit negotiations.

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keynote speaker jamie woodruffJamie Woodruff

  • Europe’s no.1 Ethical Hacker
  • Known for successfully hacking into Facebook during a student competition

Jamie Woodruff, despite his young age, is one of the world’s leading authorities on hacking and cyber security. Having successfully found the security vulnerabilities and flaws in many high- profile websites, he uses these skills as an ethical hacker to demonstrate how vulnerable our data is to serious fraud.  Woodruff is a leading authority on cyber security and can share his insights into network security, social engineering and of course cyber security.

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