November Reader’s Corner

These must-reads are some of our favourite books, chosen monthly from our global network of speakers. These experts inspire audiences on a global scale and these books provide a deeper look into their brilliance and insights.

November’s top-picks:

Adventureholic – Extraordinary Journeys on Seven Continents by Land, Sea and Air by Neil Laughton. Over 50 expeditions across all seven continents have provided ex-Royal Marine Neil Laughton with some brilliant stories and invaluable insights. In this book he shares some of the most unforgettable and hair-rising of them.

Climate, Psychology and Change: Psychotherapy in a time when the familiar is dying by Steffi Bednarek. The climate crisis is a superordinate form of trauma that has been shown to trigger other forms of unresolved traumas – so how can we combat this unprecedented change in the dynamics of therapy? Bednarek brings together thought-leaders from around the world to establish how we can tackle this ever-growing problem.

Mindfulness For the Wandering Mind: Life-Changing Tools for Managing Stress and Improving Mental Health At Work and In Life by Pandit Dasa. With a focus on applying mindfulness at work, former monk Pandit Dasa explains how you can find time and space to reflect and unlock mindfulness benefits, regardless of your circumstances.

Neil Laughton

Neil Laughton


Over 50 expeditions across all seven continents have provided ex-Royal Marine Neil Laughton with some incredible stories and invaluable insights.

In this book he shares some of the most unforgettable with us – whether its summitting Mount Everest with Bear Grylls, piloting the world’s first road-legal flying car across the Sahara Desert or train-surfing in Myanmar – there’s something for everyone in this roller-coaster ride around the world.

This gripping collection of stories is a wonderful way to explore planet Earth, and learn how Neil Laughton has navigated journeys by land, sea and air.

Whether crossing jungles, deserts, oceans or mountains via climbing, trekking, flying and on one occasion even paddling a bath, Laughton’s inspirational accounts are, in the words of Sir Richard Branson, “A wonderful reminder to say yes a little bit more in life”.

A story of the humans that we meet, and what they reveal about themselves in the most difficult situations.
- The Blue Paper
Steffi Bednarek

Steffi Bednarek

Climate, Psychology and Change

With climate change quickly becoming climate emergency, mental health professionals face another secondary problem: how do you help people process a superordinate trauma caused by humanity as a whole, that may affect everyone differently? In unprecedented times one cannot rely on the past.

In this book, Steffi Bednarek helps to solve this problem – bringing together perspectives from senior psychotherapists from around the world, this volume reflects on the changes required for the psychotherapy profession for it to be able to keep up with the complex, interconnected challenges of our time. Global trauma such as this forces us to fundamentally re-evaluate our perception of what it means to be human and what it means to be fulfilled.

More specifically, within this book Steffi Bednarek explores notions of environmental justice, biospheric trauma, anthropocentrism and the need for the decolonisation of the mental health profession. The reader is invited to examine their own responses and contributions towards a collaborative exploration of what the mental health professions have to offer at this threshold moment for humanity’s future. 

Pandit Dasa

Pandit Dasa


In Pandit Dasa’s latest book the monk-turned-leadership-guru explains how you can focus your mind, become more resilient, respond better to conflict and ultimately build stronger professional (and personal) relationships.

Dasa shows us how we can eliminate distractions and find better pace and productivity in our lives, within the interconnected age of constant shallow stimulation that is life today. Unlike other books in this area, Pandit Dasa provides specific meditation processes and actions you can take to help you succeed as you begin or continue your journey.

Through presentations, workshops and talks around the world, the author has honed his craft of creating a more mindful workplace culture which improves retention, reduces stress, improves selflessness and helps you avoid obstacles that are keeping you from happiness and fulfilment.

As such Dasa shares in his book a kind of road map to escaping feelings of being overwhelmed, distracted and anxious that are so common in today’s fast-paced, information-saturated world. 

Pandit explains difficult concepts with very easy-to-understand examples, while pointing out the benefits in your everyday life that can be realized from day 1 of reading the book. I highly recommend this book to leaders of the future who are looking to lead with humility, become active listeners, and create a culture of mindfulness at the workplace.
- D. Sharma, Founder and CEO,
For me personally, working in banking and finance and leading international teams in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, I need all the tools I can get to remain present, empathetic, and productive. Pandit’s book provides the very tools that are required to stay centered and maintain the work–life balance required for healthy living. I could not have read it at a better time.
- John Thurlow, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Bank of Canada

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