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Inspiring the NEW EDGE in Creativity & Innovation Director, Creative Works at Google Podcast Host, HUMAN CODE Agent of Change on Culture, Creativity, Innovation and Disruption

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Expansiveness Edge
  • Cracking Creativity


  • English


Today’s unprecedented speed of change is forcing companies to be dynamic like never before. Borrowing from the worlds of advertising, product development, technology, neuroscience and anthropology, Abigail Posner reveals how we can tap into our innate sense of creativity and yield a profound difference in our professional and personal lives leveraging their most innovative assets — their PEOPLE.

For centuries, our workforce has been focused on specific roles and siloed divisions, but now the path to growth will come by inspiring every employee (from leader to individual contributor) with a new path to bring different, untapped sides of themselves to work, and ultimately become more curious, creative, innovative and action-oriented.

Tapping into her Harvard background in social anthropology, as well as her years of business experience in creative advertising and Google, Abigail Posner provides a new, human-centric narrative and roadmap for how people and organizations can embrace a powerful approach to business innovation and growth.

If you are looking to guide people in your organization to embrace more than a siloed vision of their roles, as well as become more vested in using their unique perspectives and skills to be more creative and innovative, then Abigail is the perfect guide to spark novel thinking and lead your people to action.

Beyond her role at Google, she is a world-renowned speaker, podcaster, writer, beauty blogger, and lifestyle influencer. From appearances before packed audiences at Lincoln Center and SXSW, to speaking in over 10 countries, Abigail Posner has shared her insights on culture, technology and leadership to audiences of thousands and proves that her own expansive approach to life has infused her work with a creative and innovative edge.

Popular Talks by Abigail Posner

The Expansiveness Edge

Expansiveness is about a holistic approach to strategy and engagement that embraces all of the unique skill sets, passions and idiosyncrasies of people. It is with this deeply human focus on what makes each of us tick, where we can start to create new possibilities by weaving our different perspectives together. Expansiveness provides the edge necessary for individuals, teams and organizations to innovate.

Cracking Creativity

Re-Engage Innate Creativity for Greater Personal & Team Growth. At our core, we are naturally creative, but some people feel so far removed from their creative and innovative selves. Understanding the framework for easily tapping into creativity, especially in highly disruptive times, is critical to productivity and growth.

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