Alexandra Panayotou – Keynote Speaker

Executive and Personal Mentor, Corporate Development, Renowned Endurance Runner

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Specialist Subjects

  • Achieving Goals
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • High Performance
  • Professional Sustainability and Balance
  • Transformation


  • Greek


helps professionals and others set and achieve their goals, develop their strengths, balance, sustainability and their creativity.

Hers is an inspirational and motivating story, which has made her an expert in overcoming obstacles and adversity.

Having run more kilometres than most people have driven, Alex Panayotou draws on her exceptional athletic achievements to enrich her professional capability and programmes. She started running at 30 years old, and quickly reached championship level. In 2004 she came 2nd in the Barcelona Marathon, 4th in the Greek Championships, and won many races before she turned to solo extreme distance running for charity.

This makes her one of only around five women in the world who have run distances and challenges as extreme as 2010km in 31 days, or 400km non-stop.

In Autumn 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and operated for a malignant tumour. She underwent chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, finishing in Spring 2018.

She began to race again at the beginning of chemotherapy, and continued through all of her treatment to date.

Alex Panayotou is an example that if we approach life with a positive attitude, are willing to change and adapt our behaviour, lifestyle, and habits, we can deal with our obstacles much more effectively and achieve more of our goals.

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