Our Facilitators & Moderators Keynote Speakers

Professional conference facilitators, presenters and chairmen are vital for the smooth running of any event.  Why not consider a television, radio or media personality to link your conference or awards ceremony?


For some corporate events, a professional and experienced chairperson drawn from the business world can provide useful insights and understanding of the key issues being discussed, as well as keep the momentum of the event flowing smoothly.


Having an experienced facilitator from the media or business will help the conference better meet its objectives, not least by running to time and keeping to the schedule.  It also adds a certain excitement having a known conference facilitator.  Sometimes the chairperson or facilitator can make a keynote speech as well.


More conferences are weakened by having a poor chairperson or facilitator than anything else.

Our most requested Facilitators & Moderators speakers

Shivvy Jervis

Award-winning Futurist & Innovation Strategist

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Linda Yueh

Economist and broadcaster

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Ben Hammersley

Global Digital Leader

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Richard Quest

Renowned CNN Business Correspondent

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Charles Leadbeater

Globally Renowned Innovation and Education Guru

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Inma Martinez

Considered by FORTUNE and TIME as one of the world's leading digital media strategists

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Andrew Keen

Renowned commentator on the digital revolution

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All Facilitators & Moderators speakers

Adam Marshall

Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

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Alexandra Panayotou

Executive and Personal Mentor, Corporate Development, Renown...

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Alexandra Pascalidou

Greek-Swedish columnist, television hostess, and author

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Ben Thompson

British Journalist and TV Presenter

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Claire Byrne

Irish Journalist and TV Presenter

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Daisy McAndrew

Former Economics Editor and Chief Political Correspondent, I...

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Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Network security expert and former WikiLeaks spokesperson in...

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David Rowan

Founding editor-in-chief of WIRED's UK edition

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Declan Curry

Presenter and Facilitator

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Duncan Duff

Vastly experienced conference presenter and facilitator

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Gerry Pennell

Head of Technology at Manchester University, former CIO for ...

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Giada Vercelli

Financial journalist, award-winning author, broadcaster, con...

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