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Specialist Subjects

  • Digital Wellbeing: how to find the balance and set up healthy boundaries in the digital world
  • Creative and Innovative thinking in the digital age
  • Learning and memory in the digital age: Humans vs AI
  • Digital Transformation, Misunderstood. Why we need to enhance human rather than digital skills to stay competitive in the future of work.
  • Are women more at risk online?
  • Sustainability of digital habits
  • 7 ways to support employees experiencing digital overwhelm
  • How to tackle email overload
  • Attention and focus in the digital age
  • Managing digital stress
  • Supporting your body in the digital age


  • English
  • Russian


Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, author and speaker (twice TEDx) on the topics of digital wellbeing and mental health in the digital age. Her message goes far beyond reducing the screen time.

Anastasia explores, how technology usage affects our ability to stay focused, build trust online, and the risks of outsourcing our cognitive and physical abilities to tech. Emphasizing the need to enhance human qualities, she advocates understanding how technology can support, not hinder, our wellbeing in the AI age.

Anastasia’s message is rooted in her personal story, as in 2015 she decided to leave her senior dream job in digital marketing and give up her smartphone, when she realized its negative impact on her creativity and mental health. This personal digital pause of 1.5 years led her to establish Consciously Digital, now an international network of 130+ digital wellbeing coaches. She directs the world’s first certification program in digital wellbeing recognized by two major coaching associations, ICF and NBHWC, preparing digital wellbeing champions at workplaces. She also serves as a mentor on ethical tech and founder’s mental health programs. Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina pioneered the evidence-based approach to measuring digital wellbeing in the workplace and explores the link between cybersecurity and digital wellbeing.

Anastasia presented her ideas at over 1000 global conferences, including Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), Sync Digital Wellbeing Summit (Saudi Arabia), National Wellness Conference (USA), CIPD Festival of Work (UK), HR Vision (Amsterdam) etc. Her clients include major tech companies, financial institutions, consumer brands, governments, and educational organizations that seek to build a digital culture that supports employees’ focus, creativity, and well-being in the digital age and cultivates trust in hybrid and remote teams.

She combines neuroscience research, case studies, and practical advice in her speeches, demonstrating how technology usage patterns impact future business outcomes. Offering keynotes, workshops, and certification program, she assists companies in creating a future-ready work culture where humans thrive authentically, rather than trying to behave like second-class machines.

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina holds a PhD from Moscow State Lomonosov University, an MBA from SDA Bocconi and NYU Stern School of Business, speaks 5 languages, and is based between London, UK and Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina addresses the problems that affect all of us in the digital age, no matter the background or location – the rapid dilution of our human qualities in the digital age, and its impact on our wellbeing. In her work, Anastasia shows how the way we use technology profoundly impacts our experience of being human – from losing the ability to stay focused and build trust in the online society, to the erosion of privacy and outsourcing cognitive abilities to AI.

In her speeches, she combines the latest neuroscience research with case studies from her own practice and the one of over 130 coaches from Consciously Digital network, explaining complex concepts in an entertaining and understandable way. Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina possesses a unique talent for connecting the dots and demonstrating how your employees’ current technology usage impacts your business in the future. She delivers keynotes, workshops, and trains digital wellbeing champions within organizations to help create the culture ready for the future of work.

Popular Talks by Anastasia Dedyukhina

Digital Wellbeing: how to find the balance and set up healthy boundaries in the digital world

As our lives get increasingly digitized, most people struggle to disconnect from our devices. Problems ranging from Zoom fatigue, inability to stay focused on a single task to physical discomfort associated with increased screen time and the perceived need to be “always on” all contribute to an unbalanced use of technology. Long-term this may lead to fatigue, digital presenteeism or absenteeism, loss of motivation, increased churn or even burnouts. 

Just as with food, we need to find a balance between online and offline lives. Digital wellbeing can help us with this. Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina will share the outcomes of her proprietary research on the top 6 factors that determine a person’s digital wellbeing score and which groups are at risk. She will discuss neuroscience-based actionable tips on what employees and leaders can do to improve digital wellbeing in the company. 

There is an option to customize the talk by measuring the digital wellbeing score of your organization. Main findings will be included in the presentation, and in addition, you will get a report that with total digital wellbeing score for the company and/or department benchmarked against similar companies or departments within the company, six top factors that define employees’ digital wellbeing, as well as 3 groups of employees with high, medium and low level of digital wellbeing to risk stratify them. 

Audience outcomes:

  • Understand the effect of tech overuse on different aspects of mental and physical health, wellbeing, focus and productivity.
  • Get neuroscience-based tips of how to introduce a more balanced use of technology in your own live.
  • Learn how to set up psychological, time and space boundaries in hybrid/remote work.
  • Be able to risk stratify employees with high, medium and low level of digital wellbeing for more efficient interventions.

Creative and Innovative thinking in the digital age

It is believed that in the next 10 years, nearly half of the jobs in developed countries will be automated. However, the more creative or out-of-the-box thinking element a job has, the less likely it is to be automated. Creative thinking is supposed to be one of the competitive advantages in the digital age. How can we develop it and do we do it? 

In this insightful and entertaining talk Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina explores, what a creative brain looks like from the neuroscience perspective, discusses the benefits of “slow” vs “fast” creativity, relationship between boredom and creativity. She will share the methodology of creative process that Disney used that any company or person can use. She will also debate, whether robots can be creative, and the impact of digitization on creativity. 

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn neuroscience-based strategies to develop creative thinking and innovation.
  • Understand, how technology can enhance or intervene with creative thinking and what to do about it.

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