Digital Keynote Speakers

From banking to TV, grocery shopping to recruitment, its hard to find a industry or service not effected by digital transformation over the past decade. We live in world where digital aggregators rule, with the biggest global accommodation business, AirbBnb, not owning any property and the biggest global portal for media and news, Facebook, not creating any content, digital disruption is everywhere. Sales, marketing and customer services have all had to adapt to communicate with an audience over new and evolving digital platforms, especially with the advent of voice and chat effecting the use of traditional devices.

Internet of Things Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Recent President, International for Sony Pictures Entertainment
Former Senior Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and Fintech
Former COO of Google Europe and CEO AdParlour
Co-Founder Twitter
Best-selling writer on artificial intelligence
Former MD of GOOGLE Germany & Green-Tech expert
Author, Futurist and Leader in Emerging Digital Technologies
Digital Transformation Strategist
Network security expert and former WikiLeaks spokesperson in Germany
Recent UK Minister for Technology
Entrepreneur and Founder of Tirendo
Renowned European Futurist
Artificial Intelligence Pioneer & Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines
President and Managing Director of E14Fund
Former Digital President of Condé Nast
Journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph, author of The Dark Net
Global Authority on Branding
Former CEO of Huffington Post and former President AOL’s content and consumer brands
One of the Creators of Skype & Venture Investor
Chief Marketing Officer at Airbnb
Youth Entrepreneurship
Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Activist
Inventor and Digital Leader
Co-founder of Netflix
Renowned early-stage Fintech investor
Engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist
World-renowned Hacker, Inventor and Technology Futurist
Technology entrepreneur, lecturer and author
Research and Analysis Director, Games, IHS Markit
Film maker and leading expert on e-commerce in China
Founder and CEO of CareerFoundry, Entrepreneur
Dr Rand Hindi, entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence and Privacy. Founder of
Former Head of Marketing at Facebook and Founder of Zuckerberg Media
Award-winning Futurist, Europe's Top 30 Women in Digital
Futurist and author focused on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next generation leadership
Customer Experience in the Digital World
Tech entrepreneur behind Polaroid’s revival and bestselling co-author of ‘Connect’
Global Tech Investor
Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, London School of Economics