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Specialist Subjects

  • The Future Role of the Mensch (Human Beings)
  • The Quantum Economy as a new guiding principle
  • Wild Knowledge
  • AI on AI - What Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence can not (yet) do
  • Mind: The Beauty
  • Practical Philosophy
  • The Art of Being Wrong – How to free yourself from your own certitudes
  • Leaders of Change
  • Goethes Leadership Faust – The foundation of leading yourself and others
  • The Second Quantum Revolution – From theory to practice
  • How Near is Singularity Really?
  • Coming Capitalism – How to upgrade our operating system
  • Prosperity for Posterity – The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century
  • The infected mind – From a knowledge society to a society of understanding
  • Digital Leadership
  • Coping with Change
  • The Impact of Exponential Technologies


  • English
  • German


Anders Indset is the author of three Spiegel bestsellers: “Wild Knowledge”, “The Quantum Economy”, and “Das infizierte Denken”, and has been translated into over 10 languages to date. In addition to his many co-initiated projects – GBI (Global Blockchain Initiative), #Enkelfähig, and “Die Veredlung Europas” (The European Refinement) – Anders is also a co-founder of the Njordis Group and the Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT). Thinkers50 has ranked Anders as one of the most influential thinkers in leadership and business in the years to come. His philosophical work focuses on the ongoing search for better explanations and their practical implementation.

“Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow.”

The native Norwegian, who originally gained global recognition as “The Business Philosopher”, builds bridges between ‘Mensch & Technology’ and shapes the economy of tomorrow with his (approach to) practical philosophy. He has two decades of experience working with multinational organizations and is a trusted sparring partner for international CEOs and political leaders, and is a guest lecturer at leading international business schools. Whether on big stages or in small groups, his unconventional way of thinking and his inspiring and dynamic personality, he moves and activates people, and leads them beyond ‘the given’ and what they hold to be self-evident.

His work focuses on the dialogue between philosophy and business, which has boundless potential. Philosophy – “the art of being wrong” – supports the continuous improvement of business models, methods, and strategies by critically questioning basic economic assumptions and beliefs and uncovering core problems. The unlimited openness of this approach to paradoxes, differences, and ambiguities harbors the potential from which innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial perspectives and solutions can emerge.

Popular Talks by Anders Indset

The Future Role of the Mensch (Human Beings)

It is now all about the future of organized human life and the survival of our species. What is a human being anyway? Join the exciting journey from what we thought we were, what we believe we are today all the way to what we might become in the future. In his work on the future of the human species, Anders takes a closer look at three plausible scenarios of where we are heading and how we can meet the two existential challenges of our next decade, namely avoiding ecological collapse and living with and coping with exponential technologies. An outlook into a time of permanent revolution and a world of improvisation. Is this a way to a potential singularity (posthumanism) or maybe the path towards HOMO OBSOLETUS? Or can we create a new story for humanity and a space for the “Mensch” (human being) in a world of perfect digital rationality and complete knowledge

The Quantum Economy as a new guiding principle

With his book and the initiation of the Quantum Economy, Anders aims to upgrade the capitalistic model and unleash the potential of quantum theory. The Quantum Economy is a plea for more economy, more (rapid) technological development, and more (human) growth, and thus provide a vibrant vision of humane (positive) capitalism.

Anders believes a key to positive progress and better problems is to change the educational model by applying practical philosophy and to teach:

  • analytical thinking and problem solving – It’s not about what you think but how
  • how to develop a conscious voice – Not only what we say but how to present, inspire, and articulate found in classical Rhetorik (Ethos, Pathos, Logos).
  • self-trust and work ethic – Not only what to do but how to take ownership of outcomes and responsibility for decisions
  • an understanding of the potential of collaboration and co-creation – developing an understanding of flow and a trusted environment where friction can lead to progress.

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