Digital Trends Keynote Speakers

Digital trends such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to name a few are permeating all aspects of our life. These keynote speakers can both explain current digital trends as well as give predictions on the future trends we can expect in the digital world.

Internet of Things Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Co-founder Blippar
Recent President, International for Sony Pictures Entertainment
Renowned commentator on the digital revolution
Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and Fintech
Global Digital Leader
Founder Influencer
Best-selling writer on artificial intelligence
Pioneer of the digital revolution and an expert in omni-channel retail and digital retail
FinTech Entrepreneur and former Managing Director Google UK and Ireland
Editor-in-chief, WIRED
Former Head of Social Media at IBM
Disruptive Top 25 Innovator and Futurist
Entrepreneur and Founder of Tirendo
Renowned political commentator, futurist and author
François Bourdoncle, a pioneer of Big Data and Search technologies, is currently CEO of FB&Cie
Digital Champion of France. Multi-entrepreneur.
Expert on Innovation. Former Chief Technologist IBM
Considered by FORTUNE and TIME as one of the world's leading digital media strategists
Former CEO Google and GE, Spain and Portugal
International Education Thought Leader, Trend Spotter, Innovator and Marketing Entrepreneur
Co-Founder Zopa, Director Future Agenda
Journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph, author of The Dark Net
Executive Editor, WIRED Magazine UK
Chief Marketing Officer at Airbnb
Former European MD of LinkedIn and its first employee outside the US
Founder, Superhuman Ltd - Exploring the Human Aspects of Technology
Chief Technology Officer National Geographic
Co-founder of, UK Digital Champion. Non-executive Director of Marks and Spencer
Tech investor and futurist
Research and Analysis Director, Games, IHS Markit
Developed social networking platforms for Obama and Sanders’ Presidential Campaigns
Award-winning Futurist, Europe's Top 30 Women in Digital
CEO & Co-founder of online investment platform
Futurist and author focused on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next generation leadership
Co-founder of Apple Computers
Customer Experience in the Digital World
Co-Founder of Polaroid Swing, a Silicon Valley technology company
Global Tech Investor
Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, London School of Economics