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Co-Founder of Female Invest (global edtech with paying members in 100+ countries), Author of global bestseller ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Funds’, Experienced keynote speaker (200,000+ audience), Forbes 30 under 30

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Specialist Subjects

  • (Financial) Gender Inequality
  • Building a business
  • Investing and personal finance


  • English


Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and Tedx speaker. She’s listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and she’s dedicated her life to financially empower women.

As the Co-Founder of Female Invest, she has built a global movement. Today, Female Invest educates women in 100+ countries on how to manage their money and begin investing. The company has raised USD 15 million, breaking glass ceilings in a world where women (sadly) raise just 1% of funding. Last year, the company made it’s first acquisition when acquiring a trading platform. Female Invest’s work has been endorsed by trailblazing women such as Emma Watson and Hillary Clinton, who both got Anna’s book ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Funds’. The book is a global bestseller, and a second book will be released in November 2023.

Anna is an experienced public speaker, and she has spoken live to 200,000+ people at conferences, webinars and events. Her insights have also been sought after by The Evening Standard, Financial Times, Business Insider, Vogue and Forbes.

Popular Talks by Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen

(Financial) Gender Inequality

  • Why do women fall financially behind – and what can be done to change this trend (by individuals, companies and society as a whole)? If you’re looking for an empowering talk about gender, Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen is your girl. 


Building a business

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen started a business without money, network and experienced. Within 3 years, She’d build a multimillion-dollar business, supported by world-famous entrepreneurs and investors. 

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