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Beau Lotto – Keynote Speaker

Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio

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keynote speaker Beau Lotto
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Specialist Subjects

  • Learning and Education
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Public Engagement in Science
  • Perception
  • Disruption
  • Technology


  • English

Beau Lotto – Keynote Speaker

Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio

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keynote speaker Beau Lotto

Beau Lotto
Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio

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Dr Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuro-scientist as well as Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio, the world’s first neuro-design studio. The lab creates unique real-world ‘experiential-experiments’ that places the public at the centre of the process of discovery. By spanning social and personal boundaries between people, brands and institutions, the Lab’s aim is to create, expand and apply their insights into what it is to be a perceiving human.

Public engagement, in the broadest sense, is at the core of what Beau does. By enabling people to experience what it is to be a scientist, Lotto's aim is to encourage them to see science not as an academic investigation but as a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of their lives.

Beau Lotto has always looked outside the lab environment in order to collaborate with those who share his interest in exploring different ways of seeing – and doing – things, be they scientists, artists, musicians, educationalists, designers or entire businesses. As a result his domain is as much a creative studio as a lab, whose output ranges from art installations and visual illusions to workshops designed for corporate leaders.

Lotto's ambitious ideas about the relevance of science to ordinary people have taken him to places where few other scientists have ventured – including into exhibition space inside the world's best-known Science Museum, in London, where Lab of Misfits was resident from 2010–12. While at the museum, Lab of Misfits pushed public engagement in science to new levels by involving the public directly in experiments. Lotto's education programme led to the publication of the first-ever, peer-reviewed scientific paper written by schoolchildren.

Lotto is currently a Professor at University London Goldsmiths College and a Visiting Scholar at NYU.

In 2017, Beau Lotto published his first major book, Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently. He draws on over two decades of pioneering research to explain that our brain hasn't evolved to see the world accurately.

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