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Doctor of Science and Professional Speaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • Boost your brain to perform with joy
  • The new science of stress
  • Neuroscience and learning
  • Catch the brains of your customers
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Empower your leadership through feedback


  • English


Biliana Todorova is a doctor of science, international speaker and professional coach who is certified by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva and by the French Institute of NLP.

Born in Bulgaria, she moved to Paris for her studies. Of Franco-Bulgarian nationality, she is fluent in French, English and Bulgarian.

This specialist in the brain and its extraordinary potential has conducted research at INSERM and the Pasteur Institute.

Author of 8 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Biliana Todorova discovered a passion for the human brain, which she has continued to study ever since. His research on the formula of mental excellence has been enriched by contact with renowned scientists, such as Nobel Prize winners Prof. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Prof. Gérard Mourou.

After having subjected her own brain to more than 100 clinical studies, using MRI scanners and electroencephalograms, Biliana Todorova now supports multinational companies in increasing the excellence of their leaders and instilling a values-driven culture.

Biliana is deeply convinced that neuroscience is essential for the development of soft skills for all employees – from the youngest to the oldest. We all have the same brain and to master it, we need to understand it and learn to mobilize its resources for our professional and personal success.

Popular Talks by Biliana Todorova

Boost your brain to perform with joy

Our brain doesn’t know how to be naturally happy! Neuroscience today reveals that most of our thoughts are naturally negative, that achieving a goal is not a source of lasting happiness and that to build a fulfilling life we need to learn to control automatisms and the pitfalls of our brain. In this conference I will train you to boost your brain. You will take over your automatic patterns to release your hidden resources. I’m going to give you tools to learn how to produce your own dopamine – the molecule of happiness. A happy brain performs better!

The new science of stress

We have inherited “survivor” brains that are constantly searching for potential dangers in our environment. 92% of our fears are unreal, but that doesn’t stop us from stressing through the ghosts of our thoughts. A scientific study reveals that we are not powerless in the face of this reality of the brain. This conference is a game of perceptions and an experimentation of tools that will allow you to transform your sources of stress into sources of energy. You won’t be afraid to stress anymore because you will understand how stress helps your brain perform better!

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