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Award-winning Journalist, Best-selling Author and Sought-After Speaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to Thrive on the Edge of Chaos
  • The Upside of Down
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Solutionist thinking
  • Optimism & opportunism in business


  • English


Bruce Whitfield is an accomplished and sought-after business speaker who distills the pervasive noise and clutter of the 21st century to its bare essentials, to help audiences reshape the way they see the world.

He is a bestselling author who has honed his craft through 25 years of multiple award-winning business journalism on radio, television and in print.

Bruce has a refreshingly non-conformist optimistic view of the world and challenges audiences to find opportunity in the midst of deep uncertainty and fear.

As a journalist, Bruce’s Money Show each weeknight on radio is compulsory listening for anyone who wants to better understand the world of money and business. The podcast of that show averages 10 000 listens per day and consistently ranks in business content charts around the globe.

Bruce Whitfield has hosted numerous TV programs and podcast series for commercial partners, is a Contributing Editor to the Financial Mail and is a foreign correspondent to multiple international news providers.

As a speaker, Bruce has shared stages and digital platforms with the likes of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Nouriel Roubini, Charlize Theron, Lord Mervyn King and hundreds of business and political luminaries and personalities. He is as comfortable on a stage as he is on camera or behind the microphone and was invited to convene an online course on the art of Speaking in Public, Storytelling, Influence and Presence.

Bruce Whitfield’s bestselling, first book, The Upside of Down, focuses on how chaos and uncertainty breed opportunity and his second book, Genius, How to Take Smart Ideas Global, examines what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, fast-paced, divisive global environment.
Bruce is insatiably curious and constantly builds his understanding of the world in a way that helps him help audiences make sense of it too.

Popular Talks by Bruce Whitfield

How to Thrive on the Edge of Chaos

As the world goes from an extended period of abundance to one of increased scarcity, it may feel like we are teetering on a precipice. But Bruce’s 45-minute keynote inspired by his latest book, Genius. How to Take Smart Ideas Global, examines what it takes to not only cope in times like these, but to thrive.

This keynote draws on fascinating, truth-defying, and inspiring case studies of people and businesses that succeed against the odds. How to Thrive on the Edge of Chaos challenges the prevailing, oppressively negative outlook and inspires your audience to act and succeed, regardless of the circumstances.

The Upside of Down

Bruce’s talk, The Upside of Down, demonstrates how important it is to have a growth mindset in a profoundly complex environment, where fear and indecision often paralyse us into inaction.

Using practical examples uncovered while researching his best-selling book of the same name, Bruce shows how current times are not the most challenging in history. Rather, using his signature brand of optimistic realism, Bruce inspires his audiences to understand that we live in a time of incredible opportunity.

You cannot make good long-term decisions if you are overwhelmed by fear. This deeply empowering, fact-rich, multi-layered talk challenges our in-built biases and encourages us to confront widespread but often inaccurate beliefs.

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