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Expert on Geopolitics, CEO Berlin Global Advisors

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Specialist Subjects

  • China
  • Europe
  • Financial Markets
  • Communication
  • Geopolitics
  • Risks


  • English


Jan F. Kallmorgen is the founder of the geostrategic consultancy BGA Berlin Global Advisors as well as various think tanks. For 15 years, Jan Kallmorgen has been advising international investors and companies at the intersection of (geo)politics, capital markets and economics and is dedicated to the fundamental changes in the global order in which companies and investors must operate today.

Kallmorgen is trained as a historian and political scientist at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn and the Free University of Berlin and completed the Master’s programme at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He then worked for three years at the U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs and headed the Transatlantic Programme of the German Council on Foreign Relations DGAP e.V. as well as the European Investors Protection Association egip e.V. In 2004, he founded the think tank Atlantische Initiative e.V. and the online debate platform Atlantic-Community, which focuses on promoting the transatlantic partnership, especially among younger generations.

In 2010, Kallmorgen set up his own business and in 2017 founded BGA – Berlin Global Advisors, which includes more than 50 experts from the fields of politics, diplomacy, the military, media and academia. In 2021, Kallmorgen became one of the initiators of the think tank R21. He is a member of Atlantik-Brücke, the German Council on Foreign Relations DGAP e.V., the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V. and the Economic Council of the CDU e.V..

Jan Kallmorgen publishes regularly in leading media and together with former State Secretary and multi-supervisory board member Katrin Suder he is the author of the book “Das geopolitische Risiko. Unternehmen in der neuen Weltordnung”.

As a much sought-after speaker, Jan Kallmorgen regularly speaks at international conferences. As a keynote speaker, he primarily addresses decision-makers and strategy managers in companies and investment houses and shows why the mega-drivers geopolitics, ESG, and technology policy – GET for short – belong on top of the CEO agenda. The current starting point of his lectures is Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine and the fundamental consequences for the European security architecture, global energy and commodity markets and the relationship between Europe, the USA and China. The focus is on the question of how companies can position themselves in the event of an expected new bloc formation between democracies and autocracies and what consequences this will have for sales markets, supply chains, production, financing and communication. Jan Kallmorgen impresses listeners with profound knowledge, a broad wealth of experience and the ability to convey global contexts in a generally understandable and pointed manner.

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