Jason Ma – Keynote Speaker

CEO of ThreeEQ and Member of The B20 at The G20

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Specialist Subjects

  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs)
  • Becoming the Boss or Older Colleague Whom Millennials and Gen Zers Love to Work with
  • Becoming the Millennial or Gen Z Employee Whom Companies Love to Keep and Develop
  • How to Hone Your Employable Skills for Competitive, High-End Jobs and Career Growth
  • How to Avoid and Get Ahead of the Dark Side of Social Media and Addictive Technologies
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation When Change Is Accelerating—Silicon Valley Style
  • Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Shifts and Mindset Differences: Americans vs. Chinese/Asians
  • Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers
  • Global (U.S. and China) Geopolitical Turbulence, Implications, and Strategic Business Roadmaps
  • The Future of Work and Education: What You Need to Know and How to Advance
  • Digital Transformation, AI/Machine Learning, and Education Technologies in G20 Economies
  • Technology and Innovation Trends and Insights: West (Silicon Valley) Meets East (Asia/China)
  • World Travel Tips from Nearly 3 Million Miles of Business Globetrotting
  • Grooming Next-Gen Leaders for Next-Level Success with Well-Being and for Succession Planning
  • Succession Planning Lesson from President George Washington
  • Intergenerational Leadership in Family Enterprises and Family Offices
  • Next-Gen Leadership in Turbulent, Ever-Changing Times
  • Honing Your Mindset (Visionary Story and State of Mind)
  • Developing Effective Multigenerational, Cross-Cultural, Diverse, and Inclusive Teams


  • English
  • Mandarin


As a leading mentor, rainmaker, and speaker, Jason Ma helps shape both next-generation leaders and the G20 private sector. Based in innovative Silicon Valley, Ma is Founder, CEO, and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, a premier global business and education advisory firm that helps clients succeed with pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (3EQ).

Ma’s perspective is enhanced by 35 years of seasoned, global experience in technology, education, and other industries, and over 2 million miles of world travel through the Americas, Asia Pacific/China, Europe, and Middle East ever since he earned his UC Berkeley engineering degree. Socially around the world, he enjoys genuine people, deep conversations, culinary delights, and fine wine. Singapore Airlines Business Class is his favorite way to fly internationally.

As a father and former tech business executive, Ma decided to dedicate his second career to transforming young leaders and preparing them to gain admission to great universities, thrive in impactful, rewarding careers, and cultivate positive, powerful mindsets and soft skills. As a loving college, career, leadership, and life success coach through the years, Ma has privately guided 1-on-1 hundreds of Gen Zers and Millennials to achieve great outcomes with well-being, while being a trusted confidant for parents.

Named Preeminent Gen Z Success Mentor by Black Tie Magazine, Ma’s distinctions include a 100% success rate with coachable, committed high achievers, especially in Ivy League/elite college admissions and career paths. Ma is the acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0. He authored Gen Z: Understanding Tomorrow’s Digital Workers in an eBook. Ma is former Forbes contributor on college admissions, leadership, and entrepreneurship success with over 1 million views.

In the business world, Ma is a well-connected CEO/board advisor and rainmaker. Tech companies and family enterprises find Ma’s strategic advice and pragmatism in global business and private equity deal-making invaluable in adding to their ROI, revenue and profit growth, and rewarding exits. In addition, as a pragmatic executive coach, Mr. Ma privately coaches mature C-suite/senior executives in taking their own successes and fulfillment to next levels.

Jason Ma is a leading member of the B20, the voice of the private sector and an official, integral part of the G20 process. The B20 recommends policies to the G20 Leaders and governments, representing the global business community. Ma is also a Global Advisory Council member for the World Chinese Economic Summit, Steering Committee member at DC Finance, and charter member of the Family Office Club. For eight years, Ma was a delegate to the Forbes Global CEO Conference.

As a sought-after speaker and masterclass leader, Ma’s speaking topics include the future of work and education, college admissions, leadership 3.0, succession planning, digital transformation, impact investing, geopolitics, and global business roadmaps in turbulent times. His audiences range from Gen Zers to Millennials to parents to CEOs/executives to family offices to government leaders and to billionaire.

Jason Ma has been featured in or contributed to Forbes, Business Rockstars, CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Fast Company, Clientele Luxury, JustLuxe, Channel NewsAsia, Teen Kids News, NAWRB Magazine, Black Tie Magazine, and other media.

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