Millennial Keynote Speakers

Founder & CEO m.Paani
Expert on Future of Work in the Networked Era
Founder Influencer
Founder of Facebook’s Politics and Government Division; Founder of the Conversational Century
Digital Champion of France. Multi-entrepreneur.
Futurist and Strategist For The New Era
International Education Thought Leader, Trend Spotter, Innovator and Marketing Entrepreneur
Award Winning Young Entrepreneur
Boardroom/C-Suite Advisor & Global Business Rainmaker, Preeminent Next-Generation Leaders Mentor, Acclaimed Author, Leading Member of The B20 with The G20
Global Authority on Branding
Speaker, writer, strategist, researcher and true generational expert
Director Finsbury; former Director of Fair Education Alliance
One of the World's top speakers on innovation, the future, healthcare and customer experience
Author, Love Coach and Co-founder of Addictive Daughter
Founder and CEO of CareerFoundry, Entrepreneur
An Indian first-generation entrepreneur, film maker and author