Millennial Keynote Speakers

Founder & CEO m.Paani
Expert on Future of Work in the Networked Era
Founder Influencer
Founder of Facebook’s Politics and Government Division; Founder of the Conversational Century
Digital Champion of France. Multi-entrepreneur.
Futurist and Strategist For The New Era
International Education Thought Leader, Trend Spotter, Innovator and Marketing Entrepreneur
Bestselling Author and High Performance Expert
Award Winning Young Entrepreneur
Leading Member of The B20 for The G20, Business & Education Thought Leader, Board Advisor, Next-Generation Leadership Expert, CEO & Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, Acclaimed Author
Global Authority on Branding
Speaker, writer, strategist, researcher and true generational expert
One of the World's top speakers on innovation, the future, healthcare and customer experience
Author, Love Coach and Co-founder of Addictive Daughter
Founder and CEO of CareerFoundry, Entrepreneur
An Indian first-generation entrepreneur, film maker and author