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One of the world's most important financial crime author

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Jeffrey Robinson is the international bestselling author of more than 30 books and a recognized expert on money laundering and financial crime.
Described by the British Bankers Association as, “The world’s most important financial crime author,” he has also been called “One of the deans of reporting on financial crime.”

Best known for his seminal work, “The Laundrymen,” published nearly 30 years ago, it was Jeffrey who introduced the general public to the subject of money laundering. He followed “The Laundrymen” with: “The Merger,” in which he describes the conglomeration of international organized crime; “The Sink,” his exposé of the offshore world of dirty money; and “The Takedown,” a riveting tale of the demise of Colombia’s Norte Valle cartel.

He was also the first to expose what he refers to as “the scam of bitcoin,” in his eBook, published in cooperation with Amazon, “BitCon – The Naked Truth About Bitcoin.”

He is currently at work on a major television drama about money laundering, and an updated version of his original international bestseller, to be called The New Laundrymen.

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