Security Keynote Speakers

After a year of terrorist and domestic incidents across the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, security remains a priority for governments on a local and global scale. The security landscape is constantly in flux, with changes to US policy and uncertainly around what Brexit means to the European intelligence community, as well as the ongoing threat of Russian Military action in Ukraine and North Korean nuclear weapon testing. The ongoing debate regarding security vs privacy continues to influence policy makes, adding to the increasingly complex agenda facing modern security strategy.

President of the Republic of Turkey
Recent Secretary General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark
Metropolitan Police Commissioner
President of Poland 2010-15
Inspirational Statesman
Senior Fellow at Oxford University’s Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict
French Political Scientist, founder of the IFRI, the French Institute for International Relations
Expert in Cyber Security
Secretary General NATO
Professional freerider, iconic basejumper and wingsuit pilot
Renowned Cryptographic and Technology Security Guru
Director General of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (DSIS) from 2007-13
Once the World's Most Wanted Hacker
Social Activist and India's first and highest ranking woman officer in the Indian Police Service
Former member of the German secret service
Respected Author, Organizational Excellence Expert & Chancellor of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe 2010-14
British journalist, writer and broadcaster, best known for his reporting and analysis of developments in foreign news and international diplomacy
"Britain's greatest fraudster" and fraud expert
Chairman of the Munich Security Conference