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John Coates – Keynote Speaker

Derivatives Trader turned Behavioural Neuroscientist

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  • Business Biology


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John Coates – Keynote Speaker

Derivatives Trader turned Behavioural Neuroscientist

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keynote speaker john coates

John Coates
Derivatives Trader turned Behavioural Neuroscientist

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John Coates is author of the financial bestseller The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: How Risk-Taking Transforms Us, Body and Mind. He is a former Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Finance at the University of Cambridge, and previously traded derivatives for Goldman Sachs and ran a trading desk for Deutsche Bank.

Coates now researches the physiological (rather than the psychological) drivers of risk taking. His research has become need-to-know in the corporate world. Companies are increasingly eager to understand the biology underlying their employees’ risk taking, fatigue and stress; how these differ between men and women; how they can be managed. Coates’ research has spread beyond finance to law, healthcare, tech, sports, and the military.

John Coates covers topics such as the biology of exuberance and pessimism and how this challenges risk management; wearables in the workplace; humans vs machines.

His book, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, was short listed for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year, and the Welcome Trust Science Prize. The books reveal the biology of financial boom and bust, showing how risk-taking transforms our body chemistry, driving us to extremes of euphoria or stressed-out depression

The journal, Foreign Policy, named him one of the most influential thinkers of 2017. His research on risk taking has attracted interest from business, medicine, the military, as well as elite sports teams.

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