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Our recommended books to read in 2017 by some of our favorite speakers

We’ve put together a selection of recommended books by our keynote speakers covering topics such as geopolitics, international relations, happiness and more. The following recommended books are just a few of the best books published by our keynote speakers in 2017.


Read on to read London Speaker Bureau’s recommended books for 2017:

The Enemy Within – A Tale of Muslim Britain

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

Being a British Muslim for the past decade or so has been a brutal affair. How did this state of affairs come to pass? What are the lessons and challenges for the future – and how will the tale of Muslim Britain develop?

Sayeeda Warsi draws on her own unique position in British life, as the child of Pakistani immigrants, an outsider,  who became an insider, the UK’s first Muslim cabinet minister, she explores  questions of cultural difference, terrorism, surveillance, social justice, religious freedom, integration and the meaning of ”British values”. Looking at changing attitudes and policy, especially over the last 15 years, The Enemy Within examines in close focus whether our counter terrorism strategy has been effective or counterproductive and what Britain’s Muslim communities might have become had the war on terror not happened.

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Yuval Noah Harari

Taking over from where Harari’s bestselling epic Sapiens left off, Homo Deus looks forward to where history, ethics and gargantuan biotech investment might lead us — to the end of death, suffering and the very idea of being human. It explains how our unparalleled ability to control the world around us is turning us into something new – intelligence is uncoupling from consciousness. Homo Deus examines our future with Harari’s trademark blend of science, history, philosophy and every discipline in between. A remarkable, brilliantly original and thought-provoking book, it asks the fundamental questions: Where do we go from here? And how will we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers? This is the next stage of evolution.

Worth Dying for: The Power and Politics of Flags

Tim Marshall

In his latest book, the bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography, former Sky News diplomatic editor and foreign affairs expert, Tim Marshall, unravels the past and the present to provide insight into the histories, the power and the politics of flags – the symbols that unite us, and divide us. A deeply informed and timely analysis of international flags and flags of terror, Marshall draws on more than 25 years of global reporting experience to reveal sharp insights into how these symbols shape the realpolitik of today’s politics, conflicts and distrust. He highlights how and why flags evoke such emotion through their use, or indeed their misuse. A must-read for anyone wishing to grasp the meanings behind today’s international affairs.

Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

Parag Khanna

The latest book by leading global strategist and visionary bestselling author, Parag Khanna, is an engaging geopolitical travelogue, which argues that connectivity is the most revolutionary force of the 21st century and is our destiny. He takes the reader on a journey from the steppes of Mongolia to the streets of Detroit and to hyper-connected Dubai, to explain the rapid and unprecedented changes affecting every part of the planet. It is a bold and authoritative guide to a future shaped less by national borders than by global supply chains, a world in which the most connected powers, and people, will win. However, Khanna has an optimistic vision of the future and argues that a new foundation of connectivity will pull the world together.

Rise of Rural Consumers in Developing Countries

Vijay Mahajan

Vijay Mahajan, the author of Africa Rising and business chair at the University of Austin, Texas, delivers a fascinating analysis of one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world and the untapped potential of 3.4 billion rural consumers in developing countries. It showcases several examples of innovations and best practices that are allowing forward-thinking, innovative companies to tap into the potential. A timely and powerful analysis of the opportunities that exist to help serve the aspirations of, and improve the livelihoods of, nearly half the world’s population, it makes a convincing case that strategies and policies must include rural populations in order to succeed for the long term.

The Vanishing of Flight MH370

Richard Quest

A riveting chronicle of a tragedy that continues to baffle everyone, from aviation experts to satellite engineers and politicians. CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest offers a gripping and definitive account of the disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 in March 2014. The flight carrying 239 people on board, seemingly vanishing into the night, is one of the biggest aviation mysteries of our time. Richard Quest, was one of the leading journalists covering the story by CNN and by coincidence, he had interviewed one of the two pilots a few weeks before the disappearance.

Three Daughters of Eve

Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak, the award-winning author of The Forty Rules of Love and The Architect’s Apprentice, has recently released her latest book Three Daughters of Eve. It is a contemporary story of identity, politics, faith, fulfillment, women and God. It deals with some of the most urgent and universal issues in today’s world and sharply criticizes Turkish society and the bourgeoisie. It is a book about our internal paradoxes, our breaking points and Turkey’s unrealized potentials. Recognized as “one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Turkish and world literature”, Shafak is the most widely read female novelist in Turkey.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust

John Coates

John Coates, a Wall Street trader turned Cambridge University neuroscientist, describes the tension and exultation of the trading floor from a biological perspective. This fascinating book reveals how risk stimulates the most primitive part of the banker’s brain and how it provokes an overwhelming fight-or-flight response, causing economic upheaval in the wider world. It explains how human biology contributes to the alternating cycles of irrational exuberance and pessimism that destabilize banks and the global economy, and how understanding the biology behind bubbles and crashes may be the key to stabilizing the markets.

Happy as a Dane: 10 secrets of the Happiest People in the World

Malene Rydahl

Malene Rydahl, executive coach and keynote speaker on happiness and well-being, explores 10 pillars of Danish life from the importance of trust to the value of downtime. For decades Denmark has ranked at the top of the world’s happiness surveys. Rydahl documents the values, habits, and attitudes that have allowed Danes to live happy and fulfilling lives. She explores how the values of trust, education, and a healthy work-life balance with purpose, to name just a few, contribute to a “happy” population and provides tips that we can all apply to our daily lives, regardless of where we live.

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