Manfred Mueller – Keynote Speaker

Head of Training and Flight Safety at Lufthansa AG

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Specialist Subjects

  • Are Humans a Security Risk?
  • Applying Aviation Security Strategies to Other Industries
  • Considerations for Risk Management - Experiences From Aviation
  • The Role of Humans as Operators in a High Tech World
  • Human and Technological Considerations


  • German


Manfred Mueller runs the pilot training programmes on Airbus A330 and A340 and is Head of Flight Safety at Lufthansa AG.

Mueller has run the aviation safety part of ​​Lufthansa since 2002. In 2007 he began training captains on Airbus 330 and 340. Three years later he was appointed Head of Aviation Safety Research at Lufthansa Group.

Airline captains research the intercultural influences on flight safety, ways to minimise risks in the aviation sector in general and strategies to optimise personnel management in unmonitored workspaces.

Mueller is currently heading an interdisciplinary research project for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology sponsored by the DLR (German Aerospace Centre) on the topic “Quantitative determination and assessment of flight safety risks”.

Since 1995, Mueller has also worked on minimising medical risks in the aviation sector and has devised tailored seminars for this purpose. He has expanded his seminars and lectures to include other sectors such as mining, power generation, oil and engineering as well as banking and aspects of strategic management.

Besides his work at Deutsche Lufthansa Manfred Müller is professor of risk management at the University of Bremen.

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