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Global Innovation x Trust Pioneer, Voice of Gens Y to Z, Author of RESET and The Trust Economy

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Specialist Subjects

  • TRUST - Unite your people (because we’re better together!)
  • INNOVATE - Imagine your future (because we all dream of a better world!)
  • CHANGE - Transform your reality (because making it happen is everything!)
  • Human Transformation
  • Inter-generational Collaboration
  • Humanizing Transformation


  • English


All greatness is human. The world’s most pressing issues aren’t corporate problems, they’re people problems. Solving our human challenges is key to everything else.

Human transformation is inviting us on our journey to greatness. All extraordinary achievements begin within. Our greatest leaders are changing our world by transforming themselves and their reality, and this is change for good.

Philipp Kristian inspires organisations of all shapes and sizes and leaders from all walks of life to create the future they’re dreaming of. As we’re becoming our best, every change is opening doors to a next. When people are transforming, so is our world.

Philipp Kristian loves to put the human in transformation for good. He delivers global and deeply impactful keynotes, masterclasses and moderation/facilitation, beyond that is concentrating on C-suite intervention work with and for Fortune500s as well as scale-ups. Helming big stages and small, he’s addressed audiences from 8 to 100,000+ with a TEDx talk in the mix.

The defining force in his career has been driving large-scale innovation and digital transformation for blue-chips in JAPAC and sparring with the Founder/CEOs of Singapore’s most successful technology disruptors on reimagining entire sectors. He was a founding member of MetLife’s first global R&D hub, branding it lumenlab, a first for the industry in many ways over.

His work on singlife (now merged with Aviva) as well as digital telco circles as a brand and business helped turn both into boilerplates in the public domain. His engagement for the start-up world made him a pivotal node in the Singapore and regional venture ecosystems. Connecting the dots remains one of Philipp Kristian’s most cherished approaches to making a solid difference through his work in the short and in the long run.

Our future is already in us, it’s just unevenly distributed. Becoming remarkable versions of ourselves and our organisations means we’re the source of the answers. This is pivotal to navigating the complexity, uncertainty and dissonance of our world.

Human transformation is humanising global change and embracing our own significance in it. Uniting our heads and hearts and having our greatest impact on the whole. Philipp Kristian’s first book, The Trust Economy, is about humanising digitalism. His second book, RESET, is about humanising globalism.

He’s taking c-suites on a journey to our greatest possible tomorrow. As a global TEDx keynote speaker and emcee, a masterclass coach and authority voice on digital trust, innovation and future.

Popular Talks by Philipp Kristian

TRUST - Unite your people (because we’re better together!)

  • Introduction to trust economy and digital trust revolution (based on The Trust Economy)
  • Navigating intergenerational leadership dynamics
  • New normal, future of work and digital leadership
  • Organisational purpose and ESG driving change for good
  • Values driven leadership and stakeholder management

INNOVATE - Imagine your future (because we all dream of a better world!)

  • A global new normal and post-pandemic reset (based on RESET)
  • Trends, foresight and disruptive shifts from a human futurist lens
  • Innovation, digital transformation and future value propositions
  • Open data economy, global privacy revolution, data trust strategy
  • Nurturing start-up ecosystems and strategic digital partnerships
  • Amplifying digital customer experience stickiness with behaviour design
  • New customer insight generation, product and service design thinking
  • Digital by default, interface revolution and digital business design

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